Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Fashion: 5 Websites Which Deals Only in Women Fashion Products

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We all go wild and impatient seeing the gorgeous damsels walking on the ramps, swaying their hips like a pendulum! Not only men, even ladies lose their heart on such movements! But have you ever tried to find out what’s the secret behind such killer looks and movements? 

If all this discussion appears nonsense and stupid to you then it’s the correct time to sneak into the secret world of women’s fashion products. You can also call it the Beauty-Land   of the most gorgeous and trendiest women of modern era.  Before your heart goes shaky wondering about it, this is the most desired place to capture their names. Capture it, see through and hold them deeper inside your senses! 

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Review: The Nature’s Co July 2015 Beauty Wish Box

nature's co beauty wish box reviews

Hey Everyone! The Nature’s Co July 2015 Beauty Wish Box just arrived and let’s see what I’ve got!

There still might not be as much rain as we’d like, but the signs are sure enough to scream monsoon! The change in weather has a direct impact on the skin and hair, which makes our July “It’s Rainy Beaut” regime apt to look beautiful and gorgeous even in monsoons. Fare goodbye to body aches, numbing sensations, breakouts, frizzy hair, oily skin, acne and fungal infections.

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Review: L’Oréal Extraordinaire Color Riche Liquid Lipsticks Rose Symphony and Coral Encore

all loreal liquid lipsticks swatches

L’Oréal Extraordinaire Color Riche Liquid Lipsticks:
The L’Oréal Extraordinaire Color Riche Liquid Lipsticks come in a gorgeous gold packaging. Up front and at the bottom of the liquid lipstick packaging you will find the color that matching the shade of the liquid lipstick inside. I find the packaging very sensible and attractive. The wand inside has a super fluffy edge which picks up the right of product. 

The liquid lipstick applies like magic, goes very smooth on lips without any tugging, very moisturizing too. You will need only a little dab to give your lips beautiful a color. The liquid lipsticks have deep sweet fragrance but not overpowering at all. They have glossy finish (shine of a lip-gloss), pigmented like a lipstick and absolutely non-sticky you’ll enjoy wearing these. 
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