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Monday, 22 January 2018

These $5 Liquid Lipsticks are amazing!

I'm living under a rock! Yes I'm! (well literally). How come on the earth I never tried these liquid lipsticks!

Trust me for some reason I couldn't find a good liquid lipstick, I've have tried few affordable brands, three or four high end ones too, but I don't know some how the colors don't look super good on me, or its too drying for my already drier lips or if color and everything is super good then its expensive ugh, or my husband reminds me that I have way too many lipsticks already (I see his point though). 

Monday, 15 January 2018

I tried Lush Love Lettuce Mask and was surprised!

The mask's texture may seem bit coarse on skin initially, and it smells super fresh (every time). Okay now it gave no grief to my combination skin + post pregnancy sort of sensitive dry skin suffering from occasional painful zits. The mask doesn't really clears it out each time I use it but definitely it helps to reduce the redness and dryness.

I've tried all the lush fresh face masks, I'm a bit face mask hoarder. Trust me this is the only mask that helped my skin. I've heard a lot about mask of magnaminty, in fact mask of magnaminty which was recommended by the store staff once but it broke me out the night after I used it.
I hate that mask!
Also if you know, all the lush mask should be refrigerated, because these masks doesn't have preservatives (or at least not too much).

The mask is very coarse due to the presence of scrubby ground almond mask scoops in it, so soft and light hand scrubbing will help. This is very moisturizing + nourishing mask I've ever tried guys!
If you are a person who like good physical exfoliation because you simple like the feel of it, then Lush Love Lettuce is your definite love!

After the mask you'll notice a oily layer of moisture that is not too oily nor heavy. Definitely it helps for winter DRY SKIN. Try to grab a sample if you are suffering from super dry skin.
Also I noticed my serum goes very smoothly after the mask. 

Now the smell is kinda strong for few people, if you have sensitive / very sensitive skin then please try a sample. Or you can just skip the scrubbing part and use as a plane mask.

Price: $12
Recommend: Oh Yah!
Repurchase: Definitely a staple for me.

Friday, 12 January 2018

Why I wanted to Start Blogging again. page 1

I'm writing this blog-post exactly after 556 days. Weird! Yes. Insane! No.
It's okay to take a break once in a while. For me it's a much earned break away from blog, instagram, facebook and so. This BREAK indeed turned into a long spooky absence. I KNOW.