Sunday, 9 December 2012

AromaMagic Witch Hazel Pack Review

AromaMagic Witch Hazel Pack Review

Hi everyone :)

  • For Acne and pimples
  • Excellent for massage of acne and pimple skin
  • Its nourishing and healing properties help to treat acne and pimples


Price:  Rs.160 for 50 g

Direction for use:

Cleanse skin with Aroma magic mint cleanser and further deep cleanse with aroma magic Papaya Enzyme Lotion. Apply pack and massage gently. Wipe off after 10 minutes.

My Experience with AromaMagic Witch Hazel Pack:

My skin is combinational and sensitive type. I don’t experience acne much and I got clear skin :) but I get pimples when I use to get allergy or break outs with products etc. You might be seen my haul in last post. I bought some cool stuff in AromaMagic. I searched for witch hazel pack and am happy with my luck. I bought a month ago and it started working well.

The texture is in gel form and consistency isn't that much thick. Also smell is ayurvedic and it flies away after few minutes of application. It Feels good for me, because I don’t like the fragrance :P. As usual tub packaging and I feel pack gets clumsy when I travel and I need to set it up okay every time :/

tiny teeny particles :) 

As I said me and acne is bit far so I use Witch hazel pack once in a week to make sure I kill upcoming acne  infants :D :P As you can see in the pack, they got tiny teeny particles and I am yet confused what it could be, from the ingredient list! I hope it do good and works on acne.

It’s good to massage 5 minutes and wash after 10 minutes. I feel it’s kind of face cleanup. I experience no breakouts, except it dries my skin. Make sure you wash after 10 minutes as it indicated in product or you will be in need of moisturizer, handful.

Pros of AromaMagic Witch Hazel Pack:
  • No breakouts for me and excellent for acne prone skin
  • Can be used in 2 ways, massage gel and pack
  • Good pack for pimples but it’s quite slow one. So don’t look for magical wonders, just wait for it.
  • Decently priced and suitable for sensitive skin type.
  • Reduce the pore size and redness.
  • Easily available.

Cons of AromaMagic Witch Hazel Pack:
  • Smells little strong, may not be suitable for all.
  • Tub packaging, difficult to use and not travel friendly.

Bottom Line:

Definitely good for acne and oil prone skin and it might not combat to reduce acne overall. It will be a good add on with your skin care regime. 

Rating:  4/5


  1. i am like an aromamagic pack collector... own so many packs from AM but somehow i dont know how i have missed this since i am oily acne prone... will give it a try for sure