Wednesday, December 19

DIY: 2 Step Glowing/ Brightening/ Lightening Face Mask At Home

DIY:  2 Step Glowing/ Brightening/ Lightening Face Mask

Hi everyone,

Rest of the week going to be DIY week :). Well, I am going to share some important, easy and useful DIY posts that going to please you.

Whatever products we using on our skin, they got their own effects on skin. Also using many products on our delicate skin is not so good. I am one the super example, sometimes products give me bad breakouts and it takes weeks to heel. Always my mom keeps one eye on me and tells me not to try products. But I always do :P

I love homemade face packs, they give good and permanent results too. So here some easy and really useful homemade face packs.  I’ll start with my favorite face pack, Pomegranate + honey pack. This pack helps to get rid of acne and lightens/brightens skin.

Before staring, let me tell you some important facts about Pomegranate and honey,

Facts about Pomegranate:

  • It protects our skin from UV rays,
  • Pomegranates are rich in Anti-Oxidants, Alpha-Hydroxy acids and Vitamin C. These help to prevent our skin from environmental pollution and delays ageing,
  • Regular use can prevent acne and keeps skin fresh.

Facts about honey:
  • It has Anti-septic property,
  • Prevent skin from acne and help skin to refresh.
  • Enough with the information I think :P, let’s move onto the making of face pack :)

Things You Will Need:
  1. One Pomegranate (peel the outer skin and use blender to smash the seeds) and
  2. Pure Honey

Step 1:

Take out the pomegranate seeds and use blender to crush it. Don’t add water to blender because as we know, pomegranate seeds leave its juice itself while crushing. After blending well, it will be like smoothie  :P, don’t eat it save some for face :P

As some pomegranate juice may left behind, take an air-tight container and refrigerate it. Then whenever you need this pack, take some pomegranate juice from the container and add some fresh honey to it and use it.

Step 2:

Now add 1 tablespoon of honey to 2 spoons of pomegranate smoothie.
Now the face pack is ready. 

Apply 30 minutes before you take bath. As the consistency of pack is watery, reapply after the pack dries every 15 minutes if you need.

omg ! i don't when this ant jumped into my honey :P

This is one of the simplest face pack and time saving one. I all this as face smoothie :P . I use this face pack thrice a week and feel completely refreshed after my work. Hope this would help you and have nice day :)