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AromaMagic Mint Cleanser Review

AromaMagic Mint Cleanser Review

Hi everyone :)

I always look for mild cleanser which doesn’t suck out the natural oil from my skin surface and leaves skin natural. Recently I found one. Yeah! AromaMagic mint cleanser, I am love with this one. Usually when I use cleanser, for first 2 weeks will be happy with it but later on I feel it’s not doing a job what it assigned for. Do I feel this way or anyone else :P I bought AromaMagic mint cleanser couple of months back and I have no idea to change it. So let me start telling you how it works on me,

Product Description:
  • Deep cleansing oily and acne skin
  • A Soap free non oily cleanser
  • Deep cleanses pores, removes excess oil and sebum
  • Its anti bacterial agent helps skin to maintain normal condition and look fresh, clean and healthy.


Price:  Rs.115 for 50g

My Take on AromaMagic Mint Cleanser:

I got combinational to sensitive skin, I was using Oriflame cleanser and it leaves my skin clean but totally vacuums out my natural oil form skin. Once I start using aroma magic mint cleanser I feel skin retains its natural oil and leaves skin so smooth, clean and supple.

The texture is so creamy and yummy to look :P consistency is good and spreads easily. I love mint fragrance when I use it and I tasted little accidently while applying and it’s very minty! :D deep pearl white in color and tub packaging as always. It’s really difficult to travel with this tub type. Becomes very clumsy and I have to make it look okay every time.
I use twice a day and completely cleans all dirt. All natural ingredients present in this cleanser help our skin to maintain its natural way and look healthy.

Now summing up pros and cons,

Pros of AromaMagic Mint Cleanser:
  • Fresh strong mint and clove smell
  • Extremely cooling effect on skin and soap-free
  • Love the ingredients and suitable for sensitive skin
  • Cream cleanser, while you touch it feels oily but leaves squeezy clean skin after the use
  • Coin size amount is enough
  • Keep away from eyes as it has peppermint, clove and spearmint
  • Doesn’t break me out
  • Goes well with few drops of water while you use

Cons of AromaMagic Mint Cleanser:
  • Doesn’t remove heavy makeup, removes light makeup only
  • I wish it comes more than 50 g
  • Not travel friendly

Bottom line: 

I love this one and the product claim what it says.

BFL Rating: 4/5

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