Sunday, 20 January 2013

AromaMagic Seaweed Pack Review


It’s been a week since I reviewed a product, so today am going to review a product. AromaMagic seaweed pack, it’s my favorite hydration pack.

  • Revitalizes and hydrates the skin complexion.

  • Reduces irritation, sensitivity and protects skin from damage due to external environment.
  • Enhances skin hydration
  • Leaves skin fresh and dewy
  • Ideal for sensitive skin


After cleansing the face, apply the pack onto the face, under the eyes and neck. Rinse after 20 minutes. Apply few drops of aroma magic sensitive oil.



Rs.215 for 50g

My Take on AromaMagic Seaweed Pack:

I have combinational to sensitive skin and I am quite a heavy thinker before I buy face packs. I came across seaweed pack for sensitive skin and reviews were so good. So I bought one.

As usual tub packaging, if AromaMagic packs could transform into tube, I vote first.  Tub packaging is not that hygienic. The color of the pack is light pale green and awesome aroma which smells so pleasant. Seaweed pack is in gel form and quite light in consistency.

I use seaweed pack twice a week or when I feel my skin is dead dry. I wash after 30 or 40 minutes only because you know pack is in gel form and post application your face resembles normal. So I would forget about the pack completely :P and rush to wash face.

Gives super hydration to skin and skin feels so supple soft. Also pack adds little glow to face. About a day the glow is on. I love this hydration pack a lot and it’s perfect for this winter.

Pros of AromaMagic Seaweed Pack:
  • Awesome aroma that lingers around few minutes
  • Gives complete hydration to skin and leaves skin supple and soft
  • Adds little glow to face and the freshness stay about a day or two
  • Doesn’t experience any breakouts
  • Claims what it says and a perfect hydration pack for all seasons
  • Good for sensitive skin

Cons of AromaMagic Seaweed Pack:
  • No, I don’t find any.

Bottom Line:

Best pack I ever used. Just it claims what it says. If you are looking for hydration pack, for sure you can give a try.

Rating:   5/5



  1. they are easily become my favourite go to brand :) lovely review

  2. Seems like a good product :)

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