Thursday, 28 February 2013

Himalaya Herbals Kajal Review

Hi everyone!

I’m a kohl person. I can’t be without it. I used and tried few Kajal but not from Himalaya. So last week I bought one small size Kajal from this Himalaya. I’m already using Lakme Eyeconic Kajal but I need intense black shade so I blow a try and I quite liked Himalaya.


Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Lotus Herbals Sun Block Cream PA++ SPF 30 Review

Hi Everyone!

I hope we all know  Sun screen/Sun Block cream is a must-have product in our daily skin care routine. As summer going hit us pretty soon here I’m coming up with a review over Lotus Herbals Sun Block cream PA ++ SPF 30. 


Pond’s White Beauty Naturals Spot-less Lightening Cream Review

Hola ladies!

When I see dark spots more 2-3 weeks, then every lightening/whitening cream will call out me!
Though the particular product works well or not, ‘will give a try’ attitude never sleeps. I bought this product back in 2012 for the spot-reduction/lightening purpose; I forgot how well it worked on me. But 2 weeks back when I am searching for a different product I found this pretty jar in my shelf then I am back to ‘will give it a try, again’ :P.


Monday, 25 February 2013

REDKEN Smooth Lock Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Hi Everyone!

I already reviewed Redken All soft Shampoo and Conditioner  in last post, in this post I’m going to review Redken Smooth Lock shampoo and conditioner.

  • Thermal care for dry/ unruly hair
  • Contains almond oil
  • Has Interlock Protein Network
  • Each sachet contains 10 ml


REDKEN All Soft Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m coming with a product review of Redken shampoo and conditioner. I received few gifts from my friend couple of months back. The gift contain NYX lipsticks, Eyeliner and few sachets of Redken all soft shampoo and conditioner, Redken smooth lock shampoo plus conditioner. All have came miles away from Singapore. I had already reviewed NYX eyeliner and lipstick, yet one nyx lipstick there to review.


Saturday, 23 February 2013

DIY: Homemade Oil to Reduce Dark circles in 30 Days

Hi everyone!

When my mother told me about this oil for dark circles, I couldn’t believe her and I blindly refused. My beloved mom in order to prove her theory, she herself used and tried this oil. By a month I could see her without a trace of dark circles, true story!

My mother strongly believes in homemade remedies, either me (to an extent).  I got seriously bad dark circles when I had virus eye infection back in 2012 august. I took eye drops for 5 months and end of 4 th month am a ghost! Yeah I had intense dark circles due to continuous eye drops, less sleep, stress and etc (a girl have 1000 reasons to be unhappy, and one reason enough to jump in joy :P right? ) By seeing my horrifying talks my mother made this oil from some medicinal book and she believed it cures.


EverYuth Walnut Scrub Review

Hi Everyone!

 Saturday moving a bit slow for me and I wish every weekend would move slow like this. Today I’m coming up with a review about EverYuth walnut scrub. Frankly I’m not a fan of EverYuth products but I quite like them. EverYuth products are mild and I didn’t experience any worse case yet. Coming to the product,

  • Has natural walnut particles that unclog pores and gently scrub away skin impurities
  • Removes dead skin cells and blackheads
  • Leaves skin fresh, healthy and smooth


Friday, 22 February 2013

DIY: Homemade Natural Shampoo for Hair

 Hellooo everyone!

Today I’m coming up with a post about how to make homemade natural shampoo for hair. This is a very special post for me because I love this diy and my mother does this shampoo for me from my schooling. At college days I switched back to shampoo and conditioner, because of lack of time of course super laziness etc. I would try this shampoo once in every month when I’m back to home from my college. I have long hair and often I get into trouble like dandruff, hair fall problems. By using this shampoo, I kept my hair simple and lustrous.
This is a very simple diy and very effective for dandruff with other scalp problems. So without further delay let’s get started.

You will Need:
  • Shikakai
  • Reetha

You just need these two ingredients :) according to your hair length and thickness you pick the amount of ingredients. I got long hair, I use one small half bowl of Shikakai and 8 to 10 Reetha.

Shikakai – is a natural cleanser and best for treating the dandruff and hair fall problems. Also Shikakai means “fruit for hair”. Naturally dried fruit is made into paste and used by ancient people in India. This doesn’t lather well like our shampoos containing sulfate but this ingredient is good at detangling hair and does not strip out the natural oils from our hair.


Thursday, 21 February 2013

Face Washes for Oily Skin Type

Hi everyone!

I always spend above the average on buying cleanser and face wash. Because these two things I always cave for and also plays an important role in our daily day skin care regime.

 My skin type goes in a circle according to seasons and I would use a cleanser or face wash according to my skin type in that particular season. Roughly I like to keep clean my skin and so only I like to use accordingly and they are the two things I rely on. Today early morning I am on cleaning my shelf mission and found the products (face washes) that I used and using till date. All are tried and tested by me.


Tuesday, 19 February 2013

DIY: How to Make Shikakai Powder at Home

Hi Everyone!

My mother prepares me Shikakai powder for a decade from now. I have below waist length natural straight hair from my kinder garden (not kidding). She really loves my hair and I used Shikakai powder till my high school and at college, I was in hostel and we girls change products every month phew! Then after my MBA I am back to home and suffered from serious hair fall and dandruff. I tried loads of products and one day my mother just went on to prepare Shikakai powder at home after a gap. Within 3 washes I am 80% relieved from huge flaky dandruff and hairfall. This is called remedy :P 


Thursday, 14 February 2013

Livon Silky Potion Review

Hi everyone!

Yeah! This product is quite old one, launched by early 2000’s and why I am reviewing it now after half a million women already tried and knew about it here. You want to know why, and then go on reading…
I don’t use or trust any leave on treatments for hair and this Livon is my first try early by 2010. I use conditioners and no serums for hair. Because I want to keep hair silly simple and pretty clean and away from loads of chemicals (Hope I am feeding enough for face though  :P). 

After a while immersed in various thoughts I blew a try and used livon. What Livon actually does to hair?

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

ELLE 18 Nail Pops Enamel No.63 Review and NOTD

Hey everyone!

May all your dreams come true! Happy Valentine’s Day sweets :)

Today I’ll be reviewing my hearty love color from ELLE 18, ELLE 18 color bombs were quite a hit when they launched by 2010 and still its popular among us. I love their nail pops collection.  I already picked various colors but still I like peachy pink enamel no.63 from ELLE 18.


P.S: I got mehindi dipped hands and the notd of this nail enamel is with my mehindi dipped fingers. Hope it does add some different background to my nail paint. Sorry if it’s odd :P


Sunday, 10 February 2013

Dove Go Fresh Nourishment Body Lotion Review

Hi Everyone!

I like body lotions than body butters a lot and you might know how much they work on our skin to make it buttery soft. I use Vaseline body lotions and I don’t change body lotions often. More than 7 years I am using Vaseline Aloe Body lotion only. Recently for a change I picked Dove Go fresh Nourishment body lotion a couple of months back. So today I’ll be reviewing Dove Go Fresh Nourishment body lotion.


Monday, 4 February 2013

Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Glow Review

Hellooo Dolls,

Today I’ll be reviewing Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Glow. As we all know Vaseline never fails to be a part of our skin care. I love their Body lotions and my all time favorite is Vaseline Aloevera Body lotion, nothing yet satisfied me like this one! More than 7 years I am using Vaseline Products. Vaseline been innovative and they keep introducing new skin care range of products and never disappointed us!

  • 24hr nourishing lotion for soft and glowing skin
  • Pure cocoa butter + 3 stratys multi moisture

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Chik Conditioning Shampoo (Hairfall Prevent) Review

Chik Shampoo is one of India’s oldest and most loved brands. I have used this shampoo in my childhood.  Still I knew some friends of mine using this shampoo and giving me a positive feedback. To be honest, am not a fan Chik or CavinCare products, though I want to give a try and I bought this one by 2011. Since this shampoo comes from 7 ml onwards, I bought one with 
least ml.

  • A unique blend of amla, henna and long lasting fragrance, the new improved chick shampoo reduces hairfall effectively so your hair looks thicker and longer.