Friday, 22 February 2013

DIY: Homemade Natural Shampoo for Hair

 Hellooo everyone!

Today I’m coming up with a post about how to make homemade natural shampoo for hair. This is a very special post for me because I love this diy and my mother does this shampoo for me from my schooling. At college days I switched back to shampoo and conditioner, because of lack of time of course super laziness etc. I would try this shampoo once in every month when I’m back to home from my college. I have long hair and often I get into trouble like dandruff, hair fall problems. By using this shampoo, I kept my hair simple and lustrous.
This is a very simple diy and very effective for dandruff with other scalp problems. So without further delay let’s get started.

You will Need:
  • Shikakai
  • Reetha

You just need these two ingredients :) according to your hair length and thickness you pick the amount of ingredients. I got long hair, I use one small half bowl of Shikakai and 8 to 10 Reetha.

Shikakai – is a natural cleanser and best for treating the dandruff and hair fall problems. Also Shikakai means “fruit for hair”. Naturally dried fruit is made into paste and used by ancient people in India. This doesn’t lather well like our shampoos containing sulfate but this ingredient is good at detangling hair and does not strip out the natural oils from our hair.


Reetha – known as “Soap Nuts” are used in ayurvedic recipes for hair. Soap nuts are considered as a treatment for psoriasis, eczema and other scalp problems. Soap nuts are used for their well lathering property, so used in many shampoo herbal shampoo.

So the above are the main ingredients and let’s get started,

Steps to Follow:

Step 1:
Add both ingredients into steel bowl and add some pure water and soak them well. Leave it over night so that Shikakai and Reetha will get soften. (Be sure the Reetha seeds are removed, that helps Reetha to get soften well)

Step 2:
 Next morning, keep the bowl in hot sun for 3 to 4 hours. The sun heat up the ingredients naturally.

Step 3:
Add the bowl of mixture into the blender and smash it well. Then drain the soapy liquid into a clean bowl. Don’t add too much of water that could make the shampoo very liquid. The water that you poured the night before is more enough and add water little by little when you blend them that will do.

Step 4:
Now homemade natural shampoo for hair is ready.

this is how it will look when it is half-blend.. so foam :P

How to Use:

  1. Here is what I do; I use this natural shampoo method after 2 days from my hair wash by my regular shampoo. So I could concentrate natural shampoo well on my scalp when it is less oily and dirt free. Then I will apply some castor oil over ends. Then firstly I wash my hair with Luke warm water following with this soapy liquid on my scalp and hair.
  2. It won’t lather at the first wash, after 2 to 3 times of wash it lathers well and removes all dirt and excess oil. I have to do 3 times to get full lather for my hair length.
  3. Soap nuts can make your hair bit dry but Shikakai help to condition your hair and make them soft. You can do this way once in a week.

Benefits Behind:

  • Free from any chemicals.
  • Reetha is used to treat scalp problems and also lathers well.
  • Shikakai is best known for conditioning the hair and removes dandruff.
  • Hair loss is less and doesn’t leave any side effects.
  • Make the hair roots stronger.
  • Removes dandruff effectively and I’m a living example :P
  • Promotes hair growth and best for growing long hair.

It takes time to prepare this shampoo also it is bit difficult to use when compared to regular shampoos but it is one of the best shampoo that is completely safe and effective. We load lots of chemicals each day to our hair, think just one day we can treat it naturally.

Hope you like this DIY and do try at home, I’m sure it will benefit you. If you have any queries do mail me at  or drop your query as a comment below :)

Take care, see you :)



  1. very well written and well explained post. I have tried this few years back.. but due to lack of patience and time opted out ! i think i will start again :) love the blog banner

  2. i rememb my granny making this for me.. she used to add in some fresh hibiscus petals & leaves, fenugreek too into this paste & make a paste in the traditional hand grinder... :)

    i m so lazy.. shall ask mom if she can do :D

  3. thanks. very nice & useful recipe for hair. it will take time as it involves lot of steps. i will surely prepare it for my husband as he has dandruff.

    will let you know once i use it... :)

    1. thanks fr stopping by and let me know it comes :)