Tuesday, February 19

DIY: How to Make Shikakai Powder at Home

Hi Everyone!

My mother prepares me Shikakai powder for a decade from now. I have below waist length natural straight hair from my kinder garden (not kidding). She really loves my hair and I used Shikakai powder till my high school and at college, I was in hostel and we girls change products every month phew! Then after my MBA I am back to home and suffered from serious hair fall and dandruff. I tried loads of products and one day my mother just went on to prepare Shikakai powder at home after a gap. Within 3 washes I am 80% relieved from huge flaky dandruff and hairfall. This is called remedy :P 

I had spent thousands on high quality branded products while in college for dandruff and hairfall but none of them helped, not even close. Now, I would cross my heart and say, Homemade Shikakai powder is best for treating hair fall and dandruff than any other random product at markets.

 Today my mom going to prepare Shikakai powder and she bought all stuff (original recipe and not from the website). Of all sudden I got an idea and clicked pictures and I got notes how to do it. I am going to share that wonderful hair care recipe today and ladies shall we start!

You Will Need…
  • Shikakai – doesn’t strip natural oil from hair, good for hair growth and nourishment

  • Fenugreek – hair conditioner, adds shine and volume, contains proteins to nourish hair

  • Green gram- rich in vitamin B and proteins, prevents split ends and nourishes hair
  • Reetha (Soap nut) - natural cleanser for scalp and hair

  • Rose dried petals- gives complete nourishing for roots

  • Vetiver- a kind of root that adds pleasant fragrance and its must ingredient

  • …and there are few optional ingredients too. You can use them or skip, were the above are the main ingredients for the Shikakai powder.

Steps to Follow:

Step 1:
Buy the stuffs and dry it in hot sun for a day or two.

Step 2:
Make it powder and keep in air tight jar. If you let one drop inside the jar then whole thing can go waste.

Step 3:
Take 3 to 4 spoons of Shikakai powder and mix in hot water and leave over night. Then next morning Shikakai powder will turn into super blended paste well. (This method is followed by me to make sure the soap nuts in Shikakai to blend well and so it lathers well next morning. Or you can mix the powder in hot water 2 to 3 hours before you take a hair wash)

Step 4:
Use a mild conditioner after Shikakai because Shikakai powder dries hair a lot. But don’t use too much conditioner, just for tips and ends for easy detangling.

I love Shikakai and I use once in a week, not often though it’s quite difficult to wash. I use a mild shampoo next 3 days after Shikakai. So I can maintain my hair without dust and oil. Kisses to my darling mom and to the life-saving recipe :P

Hope you like this and do try at home :) Do drop me a comment if you have any doubts and also share your thoughts :)