Monday, 4 February 2013

How to Reduce Dark Spots: Home Remedies

Hellooo everyone,

I wasn’t feeling well for past few days, I got food poisoning and I am okay by now. I wasn’t worried about this food poison when I heard from doc, but I really got shocked with a single sentence of my mom. “Eat little Gowme just for next 2 weeks”, I was like “please ma :( “And now I hate food poison or whatever diseases that related to food. I don’t follow a particular diet or something but sometimes things mess up. I eat with no restrictions and I am 50 to 52 kg. It’s actually depends on each one’s body metabolism.

As an after effect of this food poisoning and dehydration followed by that, my body heat got raised to higher level and I got pimples as a burst-out. As I got sensitive skin, it’s very difficult for me to fight with pimples or marks.

Conclusion: I used certain ways to fight with my acne, mainly dark spots. I am going to share those simple ways with you, hope it helps you.

Now the home remedies that I tried myself and got benefits (to an extent) are,

Lemon drops with Honey:

Old method! But this is one of the effective methods till date. Remember don’t use too much lemon drops, it may give irritation or burning sensation. So use few drops over honey and apply over face or on dark spots.


You can use sandalwood powder on spots and it works effectively on spots.

Potato Juice and Vitamin E oil:

Potato acts as a bleaching agent and helps to reduce dark spots. Vitamin E oil is also very useful to treat acne scars and dark spots.

Cucumber Juice with Lemon:

Oh my favorite!  Cucumber juice which helps to reduce the skin pigmentation, as well as dark spots.

Sour Milk:

My mom introduced this ingredient to me and it really helps lot. Sour Milk has Lactic acid and it works well on dark spots and reduces it.


This baby cures most of our skin problems. Apply Aloevera gel over face and visibly you can find the difference.

Olive oil:

Apply olive oil 2 hours to bed and wash it morning. Olive oil helps to reduce the pigmentation of the spots. But oily skin/combinational skin type people can also try with the least count drops of olive oil, only on the dark spots.

Tomato Juice and Buttermilk:

Acts as a mild bleaching agent and works on dark spots.

Cinnamon with Honey:

My darling ingredients, I use this on heavy pimples or acne and really this gorgeous ingredients sucks out the pimples. I use this on scars too.

Apart from home remedies I used some creams to treat dark spots and I find they are effective,

The above methods and products are used/ experienced by me and this is not a copy-paste job 

Hopefully I finished my list :P and I believe it might help one out there :) take care dolls…

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  1. lovely!! which one is the strongest as my skin has gotten very dull. especially in the morning it looks bad.

  2. try aloe and Cucumber juice :) they give pretty refreshing feel and healthy skin :)coral


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