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6 Amazing Beauty Uses of Coconut Milk

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How was the weekend everyone? For me it went with TV remote and foodies. So today I’m popping up with the amazing beauty uses of Coconut Milk. Coconut milk acts effectively in cleansing, moisturizing and repairing your skin.

I love drinking coconut milk with few pinches of cardamom and sugar, at least once in a week. It gives coolness to body and the oil content in coconut milk is good for digestion. They are like lubricants to our engine and it is a part of beauty regime. Coconut milk has numerous uses for skin and care, I picked top 5 uses for beauty and here they are,

Nourishing Hair Pack:

I use coconut milk for hair once in a month. It really provides cooling sensation and brings nourishment to hair. Since it provides natural oil to hair, the oil strengthens the roots. Also gives natural moisture to hair roots and ends. Take some fresh homemade coconut milk and massage 3-5 into hair. Leave it upto 20 minutes and shampoo your hair. Boost the hair follicles thus hair growth

Exfoliating Scrub:

Adding coconut milk with oats will be an amazing exfoliating scrub for body and face. It cleans up pores, slough dead skin and leaves soft glowing skin. Take desired amount of coconut milk and oats. Soak the oats into coconut milk and leave it for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, take the mixture and scrub mildly over the skin.

Relaxation Bath:

Apply the coconut milk all over the body and massage for 10-8 minutes. This gives ultimate coolness and relaxation to mind and body. The natural oil present in coconut milk nourishes the skin well and leaves healthy-looking.   

Skin Brightening Face Pack:

Add few drops of honey with desired amount of coconut milk. Then add some saffron strands and sandalwood powder. Now mix all together well and apply as a face pack. Coconut milk nourishes skin deep and provides moisture wellness to skin. Wash the face pack after 20 minutes. The coconut milk face pack leaves soft, smooth and glowing skin.

Coconut Milk as a Cleanser/Moisturizer:

Whenever my mother does dishes with fresh homemade coconut milk, she leaves few spoons of coconut milk for me. I use coconut milk as moisturizer and cleanser. I feel patchy and stretched skin in winters/summers. Coconut milk is great remedy for dry skin. I apply few drops of coconut milk over face and do circular motions around eyes and mouth areas and I leave it for 10 minutes. Then I’ll wash away the coconut milk. I can visibly see no dry/flaky skin. Skin feels really soft and moist.

Note: When it comes for face or body, use only freshly homemade coconut milk. DO NOT use packed or store bought coconut milk. It may contain preservatives, it could cause allergy/other skin problems to your skin. So always grate some fresh coconuts and use blender for extracting fresh thick coconut milk.
Hope you like the above amazing beauty recipes of coconut milk. Do try them and let me know the results.  Share your lovely thoughts in below comment section.

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