Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Beauty Tip: Ice cubes for Glowing and Toned skin!

Hi everyone!

Ice cubes are the best remedy for making open pores appears smaller. I have used ice cubes on my cheeks to reduce the pores instantly. Do you know rubbing ice cube on skin makes skin glowing and super toned. I myself know this fact a week back :P

One of my friends advised me to use ice cubes for facial skin before makeup. Because though I have a cleansed face before makeup, I feel sometimes my skin is not toned well and pores! Of course.  So with the ice cubes I find my skin get toned and firm a bit.


Rub an ice cube on clean cleansed face. It acts as a barrier on the skin and reduces the pores size instantly and adds glow to face. Skin gets super toned with firmness.

Hope this tip would help out anyone :)

                                                                             Have you tried ice cube for skin?

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  1. I will try this tip for sure! :)

    1. ice cubes are fun :) and don't rub more than a minute... initially ..