Thursday, 21 March 2013

Eyetex Dazzler Lipstick Review and LOTD

Hi Everyone!

I hope people from south could recognize the Eyetex brand at first sight :). One of the best brand and local brand sells goodies which are very affordable and easy picking. Eyetex brand has been into manufacturing kumkum and Kajal for more than a decade. I remember my mother buys lipsticks, Kajal and nail paints from Eyetex for my school functions and occasions. They do have variety in Cosmetic section and the products are easily available in nearby shops and supermarkets.

Sorry for the poor image quality, my bro took my cam and i took images from Mob cam.. Poor huh!!

Price: Rs.95 for 4g

My Take on Eyetex Dazzler Lipstick:

Eyetex Dazzler Lipstick comes in plastic body with a cap. The lipstick inside which is retractable. All the Eyetex Dazzler lipsticks come in deep brown colored packaging so its bit hard to choose the exact shade what we want! They do have a look book filled with number of shades of lipsticks. But it differs. I was looking for medium pink. I did pick one pink with the help of swatch book and when I opened at home I got deep shimmery hot pink. So it’s not that super-easy to locate colors.

The texture of the lipstick is quite buttery but and not crumbly soft or smooth. Deep shimmery shade gives a unique finish. It’s real easy to apply. I did 3 layers of this lipstick on my lips and its quite hotter pink. It doesn’t feel heavy or greasy on lips. If you like, you can go with single to double swipes. High pigmentation and it gives good to medium coverage and complete look. I feel I layered it heavily on lips. This lipstick melts away just like that and doesn’t stain lips at all. But it may transfer easily to glasses and collars etc. It stayed for quite 3 to 2 hours and post a meal the lipstick initial layer wore-off. After I removed the lipstick, I felt my lips dried a lot. May be you should do exfoliate or lip balm the lips before you wearing it.

Dazzler lipstick has minimum moisturizing feel and it’s not bad too either. It gives bit glossy and shimmery finish to lips. Dazzler lipstick doesn’t have any strong fragrance, a bit of chemical/artificial fragrance.  The old packaging reminds the days when we drool for Lakme lipsticks in school days. Though it’s tough to locate the color with Dazzler, I like the packaging. Just a regular lipstick which is easily affordable and available at nearby shops helps to do experiments with lipstick.

Dazzler Lipstick hot pink reminds me NYX spell bound which I reviewed HERE. Dazzler looks almost like a dupe for NYX but not so. Properties differ from one another at an large extent. And I love pinks though I don’t wear much :)

As you can see post a meal lipstick got  fade in my lower lip..

sorry for the poor Photo quality... i took these from my Mobile cam...

Pros of Eyetex Dazzler Lipstick:
  • Convenient packaging
  • Available across supermarkets and stores
  • Very much affordable
  • Does not settle into lips
  • Does not stain lips
  • Does not get uneven
  • High pigmentation and high color intensity

Cons of Eyetex Dazzler Lipstick:
  • Should apply over moisturized lips
  • Does dries out the lips
  • Melts easily and stains on clothes

Overall Verdict:

Eyetex Dazzler Lipstick is a boon for those who love to experiment with lipsticks. Also Dazzler lipsticks are the best choice for starters. Next to ELLE 18, Eyetex Dazzler is quite good though it couldn’t stand with other Brands at now. Trying some shades of Eyetex Dazzler Lipsticks at very much affordable price is real good for starters.

Rating:  3.15



  1. Wowww Super pigmentation Gowmi I have eyetex eyeliner, kajal n loose powder yet to review :D

  2. ur review is really good bt there is no mention of the shade no or name??

    1. actually no info about the shade no on the product natasha.. so ly i mentioned as hot pink....

  3. hahaha... below the lipstick there is a sticker with shade no and name.. i own so many of these hence asked...:)

    1. yeah :P in myn no info... so ly i couldn't mention :)

  4. It is so pigmented and affordable at the price.:) But I do not where I can get them near my place.

    1. try any supermarkets nearby Nie... :) you will find it

  5. I think Eyetex was the first ever brand I used, the Eyetex Kajal even when I was a baby! I saw these in a local supermarket but wasn't sure of the quality so din pick it...