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Homemade Rosewater Treatment for Healthy Hair

Hey Everyone!

Today I’m going to do a simple and easy DIY homemade Rosewater Treatment for Healthy hair and for problem-free scalp. Rosewater is known for its therapeutic properties and it’s an important ingredient that helps to maintain glowing skin and grow hair naturally. Easily you can incorporate rosewater treatment in your daily day/weekly once hair-care regime. 

Why Rosewater for hair?

  • Rosewater has anti-bacterial and anti-septic and stimulating properties. This is the reason why it is used to cure skin-problems as well.
  • Rosewater acts as a conditioner and promotes hair growth. Also it stimulates the blood circulation and helps to revitalize the hair and making them naturally healthy and strong from inside.
  • As it has anti-septic property it can reduce the inflammation problems in scalp.
  • Similarly it has anti-bacterial property which helps to reduce the dandruff percentage in scalp and gives boost to hair.
  • It treats hair with complete moisturizing effect.
  • Rosewater can provide mild natural fragrance to hair so that hair is free from other artificial fragrances.

Well now you could get some idea of rosewater for hair-care. Back in college I used to follow this method. It’s completely moisturizing and revitalizes the scalp. I have long hair and you would how difficult it will be to maintain at this climate and pollution crisis. So I use this method once or twice in a week for hair. Also I’m not using any Rosewater from Stores.

Why to Make Rosewater on your own?

Making rosewater on your own is quite safe and natural for hair. I don’t use rosewater from any stores. Because it may have preservatives in it and it can’t be used for hair and scalp. Also I make my own rosewater at home. I do check for Organic roses which are free from chemicals.

You will Need…
  • Deep Red roses – 4 to 3 (I prefer organic roses with smell so they are pesticide-free)
  • Distilled water- 2 glass
  • Almond Oil
  • Water Sprayer- if you have one then use it on, if not you can get in any stores around Rs.50 to 30

Note:  To preserve homemade rose water you can keep in refrigerator. Or you can prepare required for one time treatment. I used only 2 roses for sake of this tutorial.

Steps to Follow:

Step 1:
Drop the rose petals from the roses and keep aside. Boil required distilled water on any steel bowl and keep the flame in maximum. Leave the distilled water in flame until you can see some big water bubbles.

Step 2:
Now to the boiling water add few drops of almond oil. I do 5-7 drops of almond oil.

Step 3:
After you see water bubbles it’s time to drop your petals. Add the petals in the boiling water. Now turn the flame to flat minimum. Let the roses settle and until you see the rose petals getting pale let the flame in minimum on. It will take 25 to 20 minutes.

Step 4:
Now you can see water turned into pinkish color. Now allow the water to cool to room temperature and you can stain the rosewater into spray bottle.

Your Petals should look like this....

It will look more pinkish, as i used a glass bowl it look little pale... 

Step 5:
Now the rosewater is all ready to use.

You can see the intense color of Rose water...

  • Take the rosewater in spray bottle and part your hair. Now spray on the scalp and rub slightly with fingers. Similarly do for entire scalp. Now your hair will be damp. Usually I do this rosewater treatment in the evening. You can take a hair wash morning and do this treatment by that evening.
my hair :) 

Do NOT overdo the rosewater on hair. Then your hair gets wet and it’s a Big NO. Your hair should be DAMP after rosewater treatment and NOT WET.

Hope you like the homemade rosewater treatment for hair. Try this at home and let me know the results.

P.S If you are allergic to rosewater do not use for scalp.

Have you tried Rosewater to hair?

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