Sunday, 24 March 2013

Skincare Monday: Neutrogena Oil-free Moisturizer SPF 15 Review

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m reviewing Neutrogena Oil-Free Facial Moisture with UVA/UVB sun protection SPF 15. Neutrogena is well-known brand for skin-friendly and dermatologist tested products which brings back the life of the dull and lifeless skin.

Price: Rs.299 for 115ml

  • Non-comedogenic
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture SPF15 Clinically proven to combine long-lasting moisturisation with effective sun protection for softer, smoother, younger looking skin.
  • All-Day moisturisation: lightweight, non-greasy lotion keeps skin moisturized for 12 hours. Sheer formula absorbs quickly into skin leaving it softer and smoother.
  • Effective sun protection: UVA/UVB SPF15 sunscreens help prevent damage to the skin caused by everyday exposure to the sun’s rays.
  • Extra-Gentle: this allergy-tested formula contains no fragrance, no dyes, no excess ingredients. Non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog pores that can cause skin to break out.

Dermatologist tested formula is:
  • Allergy-testes
  • Fragrance-free
  • Alcohol-free


Use 1 pump and apply all over face and neck. Use daily, alone or under makeup.


My Take on Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture SPF15:

Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture SPF15 comes in white bottle with pump top cap. The pump cap is very hygienic and easy for using. The oil-free moisture is pure white in color with some minimal fragrance. The fragrance is not over-powering and is bit of artificial while using it on. Also the fragrance doesn’t linger around after application. The oil-free moisture has creamy and soft texture and not-so thick in consistency.

I used Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture every day after my cleanser and toner routine. The white soft liquid takes few minutes to blend. I do one pump initially and that is enough for face and neck completely. If you need more, then you can do pumps accordingly. I hope one pump would do well. Initially post application it feels the moisture doesn’t blend well into my skin. After 10-15 minutes the moisture gets blend well and moisturizes skin from deep. The moisture doesn’t feel heavy and greasy on my skin. But I do feel bit oily over my T-zone area. Later I set it with some loose powder/compact. The moisturizing effect stays about 8-7 hours. Skin becomes oily a bit but not greasy. Moisturizer adds some volume of shine to skin.  Still the sheer effect does stay.

I used Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture and went for a shopping in heavy skin. It does protect my skin from harmful rays of sun. Also I could see my skin turns bit oily very soon. The moisturizing effect stays on my skin for about 7-8 hours. I do have combinational skin and turns sensitive eventually. I did not experience any break outs or allergy. It doesn’t give a matte effect on skin.

 Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture is a complete moisturizer with sun protection. This would be in great help for dry/very skin types. Can suits skin at summer and protect our skin from sun rays. Women at college and job will find it great for regular use as it is a combinational product and doesn’t give any break outs or allergy.

Pros of Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture SPF15:
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Won’t clog pores, alcohol free and allergy-free
  • Do have mild fragrance and it doesn’t linger around any longer post application
  • One pump is fairly enough for face and neck
  • Non-greasy and lightweight
  • Effective sun protection
  • Keeps skin moisturized around 7-8 hours but loose-powder/compact definitely needed post application
  • Doesn’t break out the skin

Cons of Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture SPF15:
  • Skin becomes slightly oily over T-zone area
  • Doesn’t provide matte effect
  • Oily skin people may find it oilier after the use

Overall Verdict:

Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture SPF15 is a combo with moisturizer and sunscreens. This would be in great help for women at work and college. Or your skin needs extra moisturizer with sunscreens then it’s great too. Moisturizer doesn’t provide any matte effect and adds shine to skin. Staying power is too good and at the end of the day you might feel your skin is bit oily but in good moisturized state.

Rating:  3.95/5




  1. Nice review Gowmi..In summer I won't use moisture cream :p on face...
    I love their face wash and sunblock :D

    1. i do apply moisturizers rasa :) for summers... this one makes skin bit oily and shine :) other-wise it's a good choice to make...

  2. ven ive tried this but same as u said, it makes skin oily na :( try fabindia's vitamin e cream for oily skin its nice:)

  3. NICE REVIEW DEAR! i think the oilyness is coz of spf! i guess i need to continue with the no-spf variant :) thanks for the info!

  4. Fantastic products have already taste of it great result as a professional i always advise to use products that have pure moisturizer material.

  5. I am a dermatologist myself who still gets occasional products and I would never recommend Neutrogena. I think the Citrus Clear brand is fantastic. It is a new brand, that has the cutting edge acne technology. I have not ever seen formulas like this in my career and have been recommending Citrus Clear to all my pacients - and we all love the results!

    What most people don't realize is that the citrus formulas are not drying AND help with inflammatory acne (red painful bumps or pus bumps). There is nothing similar to this product on the market. The closest competitor is Panoxyl which makes (4/5/8/10 % benzoyl peroxide products all of which are too drying).

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by! <3 xx

  6. I bought this moisturiser, eveything is good but it little sting my eyes when i apply it. Do anybody face the same problem?