Thursday, 28 March 2013

Sunsilk Co-Creations Lusciously Thick and Long Conditioner Review

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m going to review the best conditioner I used till date that is Sunsilk Co-Creations Lusciously Thick and Long Conditioner. I had used countable conditioners past months. None suited well for my hair but I tried Sunsilk accidentally and totally loving it!
Price: Rs.30 for 40ml

  • Expert touched hair
  • Nourishing conditioner

How to Use:

Use conditioner after shampoo. Apply on lower part of the hair. Rinse thoroughly.


My Take on Sunsilk Co-Creations Lusciously Thick and Long Conditioner:

The Sunsilk conditioner comes in pink tube with flip top cap. The conditioner is in white with mild pinkish color, less shimmery white than compared to its own variant in shampoo. Conditioner is slightly thick and very in consistency and creamy in texture. It has very strong fruity fragrance and lingers around for some time.

It spreads into hair very easily with no effort and washes off with little bit of effort. It makes hair quite soft in few seconds and could feel soft hair after washing the conditioner away. I have dry hair because I use Shikakai twice a week. As you might know shikakai makes hair roots strengthen and eliminates dandruff but it does rips out the oil and moisture from hair on regular use. Sunsilk helps me to condition my hair well. I use coin-size amount of Sunsilk conditioner and it smooths my hair within seconds. It detangles my hair very well and adds bounce with some volume. It adds bit shine to my hair too. The softness and smoothness on hair stays all day long and even next it doesn’t get that dull. One tube comes for 4 weeks for me because it has silicone and I use a coin-size amount only. I don’t remember amount hair fall with this conditioner because I use shikakai, it reduces dandruff, which reduces hair fall. So I didn’t experience with hair fall.

P.S The product results may vary from person to person according to the hair-type.

I’m on my third tube. If you have frizz hair or dry hair you can definitely give a try to this conditioner. It is very affordable and available across all supermarkets and stores. It has silicones and it rips out the natural curls from hair. My hair is straight by nature so I couldn’t find any difference. People with curly hair and semi-curly hair can spot out the difference.  Conditioner suits me well but it contains silicones so I might switch to no-silicone conditioners. But as for now, I’m happy smiling with my soft hair all day.

Pros of Sunsilk Co-Creations Lusciously Thick and Long Conditioner:
  • Affordable
  • Availability
  • Leaves hair very soft and silky, the softness stays all day long.
  •  Doesn’t make hair dull or greasy
  • Add little volume and bounce to hair
  • Creamy in texture and not sticky at all
  • Travel friendly
  • Doesn’t weigh down my hair

Cons of Sunsilk Co-Creations Lusciously Thick and Long Conditioner:
  • Contains Silicones

Overall Verdict:

Sunsilk Co-Creations Lusciously Thick and Long Conditioner is a best product for dry/frizz hair. After washing my hair with this Sunsilk conditioner my long straight hair feels tangle-free all day long and silky with fruity mild fragrance. It’s the best conditioner I used till date. The only con is it has silicones. Great conditioner for very dry and frizz prone hair.

Rating:  4.25/5



  1. I am on my Nth tube now. Have been using the same variant of conditioner and shampoo for the last 3 years(?) may be and I am still impressed! But even then, I would suggest deep cleansing and deep conditioning every now and then to get rid of the build ups

    1. ohh sounds gr8 nive :) but these give me chemical build ups lot... else it's a gr8 one as yu said.. :)

  2. touchwood....u have gorgeous hair :) <3
    nicely reviewed dear
    have used it before too and it's a good product
    i love it's fragrance

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  3. Just 30 bucks..??? I am surely giving a try :D :D and you have beautiful hair Gowmi! Naan kannu vaikka poren :P