Friday, 26 April 2013

Celebrity Makeup Look Vol.4: Miley Cyrus

Hi Everyone!

In this week’s Celebrity Makeup feature I’m bringing up the fabulous Hannah Montana girl, Miley Cyrus. I like Miley Cyrus hair styles/looks and about her makeup she keeps it chic, flawless and stunning!

Miley Cyrus makeup is vibrant and so chic! She has some soft rose to pink to coral kind of blush in most of her looks. No freckles and no blemishes is visible, she has a wonderful flawless makeup for every red carpet look.

Take a look on her eye-makeup, it’s dashing! She has defined eye-liner look with some beautiful highlighting false lashes. The eye brows are well-defined with lovely shape. I love her eye-makeup look which attracts me at the first place!

I don’t know why she doesn’t try any neon or bright lips! She has rosy or soft pink lips in her most of the pictures. She looks fabulous in red lips with deep winged false lashes in the first picture here. Oh! I’m a fan of Miley Cyrus hair styles which are simply rocking. She has wavy curls, wavy beach curls, messy braids, and messy bun hair styles in most of her looks.  

Hope you enjoyed the looks :)

Which is your favorite Look or Makeup of Miley Cyrus?

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  1. Nice post she looks beautiful :)

  2. I dont like her much. But her makeup in the third pic is great!!.:)
    Nice post dear!

  3. 1,4 & 9th.. I loved her hair.. Wish she hadn't chopped it :(

    Hina xx


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