Monday, 1 April 2013

Skincare Monday: AromaMagic Glossy Pack for Pigmentation and Dark Circles Review

Hi Everyone!

Today on ‘Skincare Monday’, I’m going to do review on AromaMagic Glossy Pack. I like AromaMagic face packs, they are skin friendly and not even a single pack broke me out. I already reviewed on AromaMagic Witch hazel pack for Acne, AromaMagic Seaweed Pack for Skin Hydration and AromaMagic Mint Cleanser for Sensitive skin.

Price: Rs.250 for 50g

  • Formulated for pigmentation and dark circles
  • A special formulation of essential oils and herbals extracts that lighten pigmentation, dark circles around the eyes, acne, scars and skin tone.
  • Helps to brighten dark and sallow complexion

Direction to use:

To lighten the pigmentation, apply onto the pigmented scars and areas. To lighten dark circles, apply aroma magic under eye gel under eyes, on top apply the pack. To lighten and brighten apply all over the face. Rinse after 20 minutes.


My Take on AromaMagic Glossy Pack:

AromaMagic Glossy Pack comes in tub packaging. The pack is in dark-green in color. The glossy pack is in not-so-thick consistency and very smooth and soft texture. It has bit strong herbal fragrance which isn’t over powering at all. The fragrance lingers around for ten to five minutes of post application. So it doesn’t sting any sensitive noses.

I have bit dark under eyes due to the eye drops which I took continuously for 5 and half months for the virus eye infection I had back in 2012. So I chose this pack to treat my eye pigmentation. I used the pack thrice a week. I apply some pack onto my eyes and mouth area and onto some blemishes in face. I leave for 30 minutes and rinse it off with tap water. After the face wash the pack leaves skin completely moisturized and adds bit natural glow to the face. Initially I couldn’t find any difference over eyes and blemishes. But after 2 weeks I could find some minor difference. Also the face pack even outs the skin tone and highly moisturize. The pack doesn’t sting eyes, so it is very safe to use on the eye area. If you tend to use daily or alternate days of a week you will finish the tub in 2-3 weeks. I started using again last month and you could see I’m almost done with completing the pack.

Glossy pack is skin-friendly pack, it doesn’t break me out at all and I got combinational to sensitive skin type. The pack has almost every herb to fight against the pigmentation, though the results are not that promising. The pack moisturize the skin from deep and maintain the skin pH level but the pigmentation or dark circles remain same, just got resided 10-20% only. But the glow lasts even a day. The pack definitely brightens the skin tone and doesn’t lighten the complexion.

Pros of AromaMagic Glossy Pack:
  • Availability
  • Affordable
  • Leaves skin moisturized from deep and adds natural glow to skin
  • Doesn’t broke me out
  • Doesn’t gave my any allergy or skin problem
  • Completely safe to use on eye area and doesn’t sting eye at all
  • Multi-purpose face pack for face and eyes
  • Even outs the skin tone
  • Brightens the skin after the pack

Cons of AromaMagic Glossy Pack:
  • Doesn’t lighten the skin tone
  • Not –so-effective on the dark circles and on pigmented areas
  • Complexion remains same

Overall Verdict:

AromaMagic Glossy Pack for Pigmentation and Dark circles is more or less a deep moisturizing face pack. It does deeply moisturize the skin and adds glow to the skin that lasts for a day. It reduces the dark-circles a bit and not so effective on pigmented areas. I wish there is more than 50g in the tub. If you are looking for deep moisturizing face pack and this one is a good choice.

Rating:  3.75/5



  1. Nice REview Gowmi I was thinking of buying it..This pack got mixed reviews :)

    1. yeah rasa true... it makes skin supple and moisturized about de-pigmentation might differs for each skin type... :)

  2. nice review.. i want glowing skin :P i think i'll get it :D

  3. hi..i have dry skin...can i use this pack?how many days i should use this in a week?thanx in advance

    1. Hi Keerthi, You can use twice or thrice a week! It won't dry the skin out!!

  4. hie....i have dry can i use this pack?how many times should i use it in a week?