Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Top 10 Homemade Remedies for Suntan Removal

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Today I’m going to share top 10 best ideas to remove suntan/sunburn naturally by homemade remedies. The suntan/sunburn can cause pimples or acne and premature aging which results in wrinkles. Homemade remedies are the best ways for suntan removal and provide instant result with no side-effects.
The packs/masks can be applied on any parts of the body which is affected by suntan. The following are few simple and effective ideas to remove suntan along it helps to lighten the complexion as the methods done regularly.

1.Apply some fresh coconut water on the tanned area. Leave it for 30-20 minutes and wash it off and pat dry. Coconut water helps to soothe the tanned parts and removes tan naturally.

2.Apply fresh yogurt on tanned skin before 20-10 minutes of bath regularly in night/morning. This will help to reduce tan which you get regularly when you going to work/college. Yogurt is very effective on anti-tanning property also it has lactic acid which lighten skin complexion and gives supple skin.

3.Add few drops of lemon drops in 1 spoon of yogurt and apply on the tanned area. Leaves it 20-15 minutes and wash it off. Yogurt woks great on tan and removes it effectively.

4.Cleanse your face with raw milk for 5-3 minutes twice a day. Milk has mild-bleaching property which can help to remove tan easily in a week or two.

5.Mix 2 spoons of tomato juice in 5 spoons of buttermilk and apply on hands and legs. Both the ingredients have bleaching property which is mild helps to remove tan in a day or two.

6.Using blender/food processor, blend fresh cucumbers and apply on the face for 10-15 minutes. Do this method twice a day, it helps great to remove suntan in 24 to 48 hours.

7.Apply orange juice mixed with 2 spoons of yogurt on the tanned areas. Orange juice has alpha-hydroxy acids and Vitamin C helps in fading the tan instantly. Yogurt has lactic acid which helps to lighten the skin tone/complexion.

8.Take ice cubes and rub it on tanned areas for 5 to 7 minutes. Ice cubes helps to soothe the suntan skin quickly and give instant relief.

9.Apply honey mixed with lemon drops on tanned skin. Leave it for 30-20 minutes and wash it off. Honey and lemon will lighten the skin naturally.

10.Mix honey and cucumber juice in equal amount and apply on facial skin. Leave it for 20-15 minutes and wash it off. This helps to reduce the redness and pain caused by sunburn and also helps to get glowing skin.

Do try these remedies at home which are simple and effective :)

What is your favorite remedy for suntan removal?


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