Friday, 26 April 2013

Top 5 Benefits of Wooden Comb for Hair and Scalp

Hey Everyone!

Today I’m up with some exciting information about Wooden Combs. Have you used wooden combs? Do you know the benefits of wooden combs for hair? Are you moving your head horizontally from right to left and vice versa! Then continue reading to know the top benefits of wooden combs for hair...

Why Wooden Comb for Hair and Scalp?

1.  Wooden combs help the hair and scalp from drying. They uniformly distribute the oil from scalp to hair and it prevents the scalp from getting greasy or too much oily. When the oil/sebum from scalp is evenly disturbed throughout the length of hair then the rate of blood circulation and growth of the hair is increased.  

2. Wooden combs go soft on hair and scalp where the metal brushes/plastic combs go rough on hair/scalp.

3. Wooden comb prevents hair from bruising and doesn’t scrap the scalp. They have softer feel than any metal or plastic brushes. Also wooden combs last for a lifetime unlike plastic combs tend to break after quite usage duration.

4. The Best part of wooden comb is, wood has a property to not conduct electricity so it avoids/prevents hair damage from static and plastic combs produce static energy and snap the hair.

5. Wooden combs are best for long hair. It distributes oil along the length and helps to maintain the long hair and avoids the split ends problem. Also wooden combs provide healthy and lustrous look to hair.

Hope you like the useful information about wooden combs :) According to me wooden combs are must accessory to keep with you :)



  1. i hv a wooden paddle comb n love it...

    but cleaning n washing wooden combs is a pain na.. :(

  2. plz tell solution 2 wash wooden comb