Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Top 7 Hot Beauty Trends for Summer

Hi Everyone!

It’s time to get Bold this summer! The trends of the summer are bright and bold colors. It can be easily carried out by any age at any time of the day! Here come the top 7 hot beauty trends of summer...

1. Say ‘Yes’ to Highlights
Give some highlights to your hair. You can go for hints of shimmery gold and metallic shades. This will give hair well bouncy look. Also you should use color protecting shampoo to maintain the colored hair and the specially formulated shampoo for colored hair gives extra shine to hair where the regular shampoos tend to develop dullness upon hair.

 2. Coral Nails
A vibrant coral shade goes bright in this summer. Shades like orange, pink, blue and purple are hot shades in this season. Choose your favourite coral shade and go hot throughout the season.

3. Neon Lips
A bright neon lips is the best of this season. A bright fuchsia, pink or orange shades take this summer season one level above. Clean the lips and apply 1 to 2 coats of foundation or concealer on lips. Now outline the lips with lip pencil and apply the lipstick with brush.

4. Bright Eyes
Best season for Smokey eye-makeup!  Red, purple and copper eye-makeup goes lovely with summer outfits. Whether you’re wearing an evening dress or jeans with t-shirt, the bright eye-makeup will look bold and lovely. 

5. An Easy Side Braid
Side braid look gorgeous on anyone and they are super easy to do, especially for women with long hair. Brush your hair all in one side and braid it loosely. Simple, elegant and imperfect hairstyle for this summer!

6. Hair Buns
Over sized hair buns are another perfect look and hairstyle for summer. It keeps the hair away from face and neck. It gives relaxed look with fresh feel. Try to do the hair bun high on your head and you can pin it up or use catch clips to hold on the bun tight.

7. Cat-Eye Sunglasses
Cat-eye sunglasses are one of the must have accessory for the summer. But you should select one according to your face shape. Not every face shape can pull this look off. Square and diamond face shape can for soft round edged glasses. Then the round face shape women can go for sharper edge frames.

Hope you’ll enjoy the trends :) Go bright and bold this summer and I’m sure the colors of the summer will absolutely make you feel young and fresh :)

What’s your favorite trend this summer?

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  1. Interesting post dear..:) m flaunting neon & corals with the lips & nails, a braid also purchased cat eye sunglasses :D
    I know almost everything... hehehe

    1. ohh vipra great :) ur genius :P indeed...


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