Friday, April 26

Tutorial: Soft Pink and Gold Eye-Makeup for Festive Season

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m doing Soft pink and gold eye makeup tutorial for festive seasons :) gold shade goes beautiful for festive seasons and soft pink is the best for traditional/ethnic wear.

The Products Used:

Steps to follow:

Step 1:
Start with clean eyes. Use primer or concealer to cover the dark circles and blemishes around the eyes. If you have oily lids then you can tap some lose powder or compact to control the oiliness on the lids. I used Maybelline White Stay compact powder for lids.

Step 2:
Apply any soft pink eye shadow in the outer half of the lid.

Step 3:
Apply gold shimmery eye shadow in the inner half of the lid. If you like to intensify the crease, you can go for brown or chocolate matte eye shadow. Blend the brown eye-shadow in the crease using a fluffy eye shadow brush. Here I didn’t use brown eye-shadow.

Step 4:
Using a blending/fluffy brush, blend the pink and gold eye- shadow.

Step 5:
Apply kohl in the water-line and using a water-proof eye-liner, do a winged eyeliner style. The winger style adds traditional look to eyes.

Step 6:
Highlight the inner eye corner with gold eye shadow and mascara the eyes. You can use volumizing mascara.

Step 7:
Using a moistened Q-tip, wipe-out the excess eye-shadow around the outer corner of eyes.

Hope you enjoyed the eye-makeup tutorial. This is one of my favourite festive eye-makeup :) Do try it and share your comments below.