Wednesday, May 15

DIY Wednesday:How to Embroider~Chain Stitch (Photo Tutorial)

Hey Everyone!

Today in DIY Wednesday feature I’m going to do a Photo Tutorial about How to Embroider in Chain stitch. Among all other stitches, my favorite is chain stitch. It’s simple and easy to do, all the time :) Why I’m doing this tutorial is, we spend really plenty on embroidery dresses, scarf and etc. If we learn the simple stitches then you will know how to make one your own rather just keep spending on them. Also next time when you bargain for an embroidery dress it helps to know the value of handmade stitches :) Let’s get started!

  • Fabric
  • Embroider Ring- You can buy in stores, cost Rs.50 to 70
  • Needle- Normal sized needle
  • Embroider thread- Can buy from shops, cost Rs. 10-5. Please don’t use the regular threads.
  • Scissors

I did the photo tutorial in 16 steps doesn’t mean it’s tough. For better understanding I did step wise. It’s an easy stitch, you’ll understand through the pictures I’m sure!

Steps to Follow:

Step 1:
Take the embroider ring and separate it. There will be 2 rings in it. Take the small ring and keep it.

Step 2:
Extend the fabric over the small ring and keep another ring above the fabric.

Step 3:
 Set the both rings tight along the fabric with the help of screw adjustment, as you can see in the pictures. Make sure the fabric sounds like drum-roll when you hit it with your fingers.

Step 4:
Bring your needle up through your starting point.

Step 5:
Now put needle in the same spot where you bought it up, and then bring your needle back up through the next point. You can alter the needle length and how far you bring your needle up will determine the length of your stitch.

Step 6:
Make sure your thread is under your needle.

Step 7:
Pull up the needle and slowly the thread behind.

Step 8:
That’s it the chain stitch is done.  Didn’t it get? Okay let’s do it again.

Step 9:
Now put your needle through the same hole that you just did.

Step 10:
Bring up your needle and be sure your thread should be under your needle.

Step 11:
Pull up the needle slowly.

Step 12:
Another stitch is done. Hope you got it now! Ending in a row chain stitches is simple. The remaining steps gives you an idea how I did the stitches in a flower.

Step 14:
Here when I’m in the end of the row, just to end the stitch put your needle down through the other side and make tiny knots. And you’re finished.

Hope you find this post useful and interesting!  My mother taught me basic embroidery stitches in my College holidays a year back and it is really helpful to me to design my costumes now. I attached simple chain stitch design with beads of mine from my salwar below.

We can do anything with just a little push! Have a nice day :)

Have you tried chain embroidery stitch?