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How to Grow Long Healthy Hair? 6 Points to Remember

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m going to share some interesting tips and tricks to grow long healthy hair. No magical tricks involve in growing healthy hair, all we need is patience and dedication.

Growing hair involves in very slow process, it differs from person to person. The hair type and growing speed doesn’t go same for everyone. Here are the Top 6 points to remember for growing strong healthy hair in natural ways,

Trimming is the first best idea and trick for healthy hair. You might be afraid to cut your hair so that the hair length might go short! But trimming is different. Trim your hair half-a-inch to one-inch every month which reduces the split ends and trimming is the only way to avoid split ends. This helps hair ends to breathe and it helps to grow healthy hair.

Once you are relieved from split ends, start conditioning your hair once in 2 weeks or twice a month. Use conditioner after shampoo regularly. Nourish your hair with hot oil treatments and masks. Do take oil bath once in a week, this helps to relax yourself.

Eat Right:

Start adding fresh vegetables, fruits and green leaves in your diet. Limp and dull hair is the first sign of poor diet. You need to take enough multi-vitamins through diet only and avoid taking Pain Killers often. Feed your body with enough nutrition and your hair get healthy from inside.

Drink Loads of water:
Still most of us are unaware about the great benefits of water. Water plays lead role in health. It helps to hydrate the body from inside and increases the blood circulation. Water avoids the heat and provides cooling sensation to head. This helps hair to grow stronger and better.

Avoid Hot Tools:
Avoid feeding heat to hair as much as possible. Heat is the first worst thing you can do to hair. Avoid driers and let your hair dry naturally. Whenever you use hot tools for hair, remember some damage is done to hair.  Use heat protecting serums when you use tools and try to reduce the usage of hair straightener/curler.

Hair Safe Hairstyles and Accessories:
Most of the time hair breakage is done due to various hairstyles we do and accessories we use. Avoid rubber band and elastic hair ties to do hair. Use accessories which are safe for your hair. Avoid tight high pony tail, tight braids, back combing and tiny braids which might pull out the hair from its root and make your hair weak. Do hairstyles which allow hair to breathe and see that the hair roots and ends are not damaged.

Hope the above points will be useful to you :)

In what way you care for your hair? Share through the comment section below :)

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  1. Great post! I am pretty obsessed with my hair and keeping it healthy, lol.

  2. can you tell me what exactly is oil bath? Could you please tell :)

    1. heat castor oil is slightly with 5 to 7 black peppers, allow it to kool and should be applied all over the scalp and hair. wait 30 minutes and rinse your hair :)

  3. Lovely post and I follow everything quite religiously, but my hair grows so slowly (though its decently thick and healthy) that if I start trimming half an inch to an inch every month, I might end up with a bob soon! I can afford to trim my hair upto an inch only once in 5-6 months!

    1. yeah preethi ... hair growth differs from person to person... i trim once in 2 months :) quite distinct..


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