Tuesday, 21 May 2013

My April 2013 Empties

Hey Everyone!

This is my first empties post and for the first time when I go through my products, I did really empty few beauty products and other stuffs. I always empty a kajal in 2 to 1 month because I love and use kajal often, other bath/body products I empty every month. As I won’t change my body lotion and deodorant often I keep repurchasing them again and again every month!

April 2013 Empties

1.Himalaya Herbals Neem Pack
Best face pack for summer. It leaves skin smooth, soft  and well cleansed. Full Review HERE.

2. Pond’s White Beauty Naturals Spot-less Lightening Cream
This is cream is light on skin and moisturize skin without making it oily. Full review HERE

3. Vaseline Total Moisture Aloe Fresh Body Lotion
My HG body lotion, keeps my skin alive in all seasons. Full review HERE

4. Sunsilk Lusciously Thick & Long Conditioner
 My HG conditioner leaves hair smooth, not weighing down and tangle free for 2 whole days. Full review HERE.

5. Bausch + Lomb Bio True Multi-Purpose Contact Lenses Solution
My HG contact lens solution, best solution and best brand till date! Full Review HERE

6. AromaMagic Seaweed Pack
Best pack for skin hydration and I love it! I keep repurchasing it for this summer. Full Review HERE

7. Lakme Eyeconic Kajal
I’m a kajal Lover, Lakme kajal is smooth and never smudges. Good choice for kajal lovers. Full review HERE

8. Maybelline Lip Balm in Cherry
Maybelline lip balm is HG lip balm, moisturizes lips in seconds and I love cherry shade!

9. Johnson’s Baby Powder “Blossoms”
I love baby powders, they are so soft and mild. Though I use compact I do use baby powder at home :P just for fun and I love sniffing it all times. I just empty a baby powder, weird? I’ve a thought on doing a post on the baby product’s use and benefits!  

10. Rich Girl Nail Polish Remover
I bought this nail polish remover in a chain store at Pondicherry. It does really work well and cheap too. It cost Rs.35 only.

Hope you enjoyed the post! Let me know if you’d like me to continue doing Empties posts in upcoming months!

What products did you use up during April?



  1. vow.. u finished so many products .. i always struggle to finish my stuff.. LOL...

  2. I want dat nailpaint.it looks so pretty.and seaweed is my alltym fav pack

  3. i thought i was the only one :P i love bay powder too

  4. oh u finished kajal? how? HOW? The only kajal i've been able to finish is d colossal one coz d quantity is so less! n I use kajal everyday 365 days of d year!!

    1. lol preethi :) i use twice a day and lakme is less intense na so i swipe few times :P ...

  5. Himalaya Neem Pack, Maybelline Lip balma and Johnsons baby powder are my favo too ;)

  6. I love reading these types of posts. I'll have to look into that body lotion. Have you tried the spray and go version?

    1. yeah they both are doing good... yu can give a try..

  7. You used up so many products! I love using Aroma Magic products now and the neem pack is my absolute favorite.