Monday, May 6

My Favorite Beauty Products from AromaMagic for Summers

Hey Everyone!

Today I’m going share my favorite beauty product picks from AromaMagic brand for the summer.  AromaMagic never disappoints me and it’s quite safe for my sensitive skin. Summer is quite heavy than I thought! I use 3 kinds of face packs to fight against dehydration, acne and pigmentation from AromaMagic also a Mint cleanser and Grape fruit face wash for the summer.

AromaMagic Glossy Pack: Reviewed HERE

Glossy pack helps to soothe the skin and fight against pigmentation and dark circles. It does make my skin so soft and supple. Also it helps to reduce dark circles without irritating the eyes. The face dries so quickly and leaves skin clear and moisturized well. I use this face pack twice a week.

AromaMagic Witch Hazel Pack: Reviewed HERE

Witch hazel is best for acne-prone and sensitive skin.  It helps to reduce the redness and swelling of the acne. It doesn’t irritate the skin at all. It dries up the skin bit but useful for acne controlling.

AromaMagic Seaweed Pack: Reviewed HERE

Best hydration face pack I ever used till date! I love this pack and it is a must face pack for this drying summer. It inputs loads of hydration into the skin deep and hydrates skin at larger extent. The result lasts for two days. It suits all skin types and I highly recommend this face pack.

AromaMagic Mint Cleanser: Reviewed HERE

Best non-foaming cleanser for sensitive skin. It deep cleans the skin and removes all traces of dirt and grime. It doesn’t dry out the skin, instead moisturize it well. If you have oily skin to combinational skin type then you must try this out.

AromaMagic Grape Fruit Face Wash: Reviewed HERE

Soothing face wash for this summer. The face wash doesn’t dry the skin or no stretchy feel after the use. It leaves skin squeaky clean and helps to tone the skin.

Will repurchase again:
  1. AromaMagic Seaweed pack
  2. AromaMagic Mint cleanser
  3. AromaMagic Glossy pack

Hope you like the post :) Choose hydration and de-pigmentation face packs for this summer and enjoy the summer :)

Have you tried AromaMagic Face Packs?