Sunday, 19 May 2013

NYX Round Lipstick Twist 633: Review and Swatch

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m reviewing NYX round lipstick or NYX lip smacking fun colors in the shade “Twist”.
Price: Rs.395

Quantity:  4 g


My Take on NYX Round Lipstick Twist:

NYX round lipstick Twist is from NYX lip smacking fun colors range and 144 shades are available in the range. I have tried Spell Bound shade (HERE) already and this is one another lip smacking shade! Comes in deep black plastic packaging and the packaging is not sturdy. The price range vary from place to place and I guess it’s available for 3$ to 4$ in few online shopping websites.  The lipstick has the name of the shade in one end and in other end it has rubber- like piece similar to the exact shade inside, so it is easy to locate the shades.

Lipstick is fragrance-free, the texture is buttery-soft and smooth. The opaque coverage can be done with 3 to 4 swipes, for medium to normal single swipe is preferable. It gives a unique coverage and moisturizes the lips bit. The twist-shade does leave fine lines after 3 hours of application and also fade as time passes.  Though the texture is buttery the lipstick tends to bleed over the lip side-ends. The lipstick did leave stain on my lips and I didn’t expect this from this range. The lip stain further stays over 3 to 4 hours!

Lipstick gives unique coverage and rich feel. The pigmentation is very good and glides very smooth on lips. It moisture the lips on every application and keep lips so comfortable.  It’s available in 144 shades so you can find one suits best for you! The other lipstick I tried from range also gave the similar experience. The pigmentation is deep set and cover lips velvet- soft but it stained my lips like 6 hours!

Twist shade doesn’t suits to all skin types, it suits for non-pigmented lips and the shade is quite stunning. It bright up the lips in seconds and gives a different look and feel. In the flash it seems it has orange undertones, so it can’t carry out by all. It appears very orangey on me i feel, and yes it looks good for party nights and functions. Not every day wearable-one.

Pros of NYX Round Lipstick Twist:
  • Convenient packaging, so that it’s easy to locate the shades
  • Buttery texture
  • Glides smooth on lips and gives soft finish
  • Moisturizing
  • Well pigmented
  • Available in 144 shades
  • Cruelty –free
  • The shades are simply rocking and available all over the websites
  • Makes lips smoother and softer
  • Fragrance-free

Cons of NYX Round Lipstick Twist:
  • Tends to melts as time pass and it is bit difficult to carry
  • Highly stain the lips for about 2 hours
  • Not every shade is available
  • The range is not easily available in India

Overall Verdict:
NYX Round Lipstick Twist is a pretty shade. Not everyone could carry this shade and I find it difficult a bit. Locating shade is very easy and it gives your lips good moisturization. Try a lipstick for this summer, I will say go for nude shades as the bright colors tend to stain lips heavily.

Rating:  3.75/5



  1. ooooh like spell bound from these :)

  2. these lipsticks melt so quickly and the bullet breaks making it messy but nevertheless love the product. both shades are lovely :)

    1. the bullet breaks just like that jeeshan ...

  3. Love both shades..lovely lip swatches :):)

  4. I loved both the colors and your lips swatches.:)

  5. I liked spell bound too...NYX has some great products..

  6. Spell Bound is really very pretty! Loved your lip swatches too.... :)

  7. Both the shades look great on you Gow... i loved spell more :D