Thursday, 16 May 2013

Bridal Archives Vol.2 : Indian Wedding Makeup Guide

Hi Everyone!

Today in Bridal Archives feature I’m sharing the Indian wedding makeup guide.  Every bride wants to look more than beautiful (I have no words to describe!) on her wedding! I had attended few weddings lately and I can say there was lot of hard work. Yes! Pre wedding homework is way important than the actual wedding process. If you want to go awesome instead of beautiful at your wedding then you have to do some tiny details before!

 So here is the wedding makeup guide,

1. Don’t taste every product or service:

Do not try any new product or service on your wedding day or a day before. This might ruin your bridal skin. If you want to try new, try couple of months before the wedding, especially the beauty products. Maintain a routine and don’t deviate from it. Also make sure your comfortable with the makeup products. Like blushes, lipstick and fake lashes. Be sure on what you doing and wearing.

2. Communicate with MUA:
  • Meet your MUA and talk about your makeup and skin in details. Pre-wedding treatments are way more important. Take a couple of months to prepare no problem but be sure of the treatments. For example don’t go for any sudden face threading if you have sensitive skin. Do get facials 21 days once and if its summer go for regular waxing, if its winter and avoid regular waxing. Use sunscreen always and keep hydrated yourself. 
  • Talk about your skin type and it will give an idea to your MUA what products he/she can use on you. There are lots of packages in salons. Select according to your skin type.
  • Learn about the fundamentals. Like touch ups etc. It will help you at your wedding. Use a tissue paper to dab on the sweat. Don’t ever wipe out.
  • Keep a lipstick or lip gloss with you after the makeup. Because in my cousin sister’s wedding her lipstick was almost gone after 3 hours of makeup. It’s essential to have a compact and lip gloss with you.

3. About your Wedding Makeup:

This is very important, sometimes the look we actually want may turn out exactly opposite on the D-day. So talk with your MUA about hair style and makeup in detail like add every detail you want. Try trial looks and make sure is that you want or not! Give some pictures about makeup and hairstyles to your MUA. This will help you to achieve your exact makeup.

4. Get a facial early:

Get a facial 2 to 3 days prior to your wedding. This will help the skin to breathe well before the wedding makeup.

5. Draping Style:

Lehenga or saree, be comfortable with what to your wearing. Try the correct draping style prior and always keep a photo of your Lehenga or saree model in your phone and show that to MUA. This will help you do drape the dupatta correctly and exact like what you want! If it’s a saree then decide the style, like you need the pallu to be draped in regular style or different.

I hope you find the Indian wedding makeup guide useful and quite interesting! Share your thoughts in the comments below :)



  1. Very detailed post.. I am gonna bookmark this post <3

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  2. Nice post..I liked the draping styles :)

  3. My sis has her weeding this wednesday,..
    And guess what ? Im more conscious about my outfit,makeup than her :P
    So this helped me a lot..:)

    1. my hearty wishes to ur sisy swati :) and im happy that this post turned out quite useful to yu :)

  4. Can you suggest me a good muain chennai , please? I dont live in chennai and im relying on online reviews to make my decision.
    I read postive comments about Noor makeup.Do you have any experience with their service?

    Thanks in advance.

  5. Hi ,

    Can you advise me on good MUA s in chennai. I have my wedding in Nov and mostly doiny my planning myself sitting at a different continent :(. Im relying on online reviews to decide a makeup artist and any suggestions will be really useful. Have you got any exoerience with Noor makeup?