Sunday, 16 June 2013

Beauty Tip: Exfoliate Less

Hi Everyone!

Exfoliation is best for removing dead skin cells, to reduce the fine lines and for soft skin. But over exfoliation can cause damage to skin. Too much or daily day exfoliation results in minor scratches in skin layer which might give an acne condition. 

So do exfoliate twice a week only. Try gentle microbead scrubs or homemade scrubs



  1. I really like fragrance of this...

  2. I have used this too and its good to exfoliate but over doing should be avoided.

  3. i love beauty tips!!

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    thank you and maybe till next time!

    Wish you a nice week!


    much love ☮♡

  4. That's a great tip...Over exfoliation should certainly be avoided...

  5. Love thispost! and all of your posts! lovely blog! now following you!

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  6. Oh, I actually used to make that mistake and had no idea why I had acne haha :))) Thank you for sharing my lovely! <333

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

  7. Uh oh, i've been exfoliating too much ):

  8. St Ives have the best scrubs in the market! Try them out! :)

  9. Nice post!
    Really like your blog,maybe we could follow each other! :)

    Only a storm in a coffee cup

  10. U know Gowthami, I am obsessed about exfoliating my skin.. almost do it every alternate day! trying to avoid it as much as i can....


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