Thursday, 27 June 2013

Bridal Archives Vol.7: Tamil Wedding Ceremony~ Tamil Wedding Rituals | Outfits Part 2

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I hope you enjoyed my last post HERE on Tamil Pre-Wedding Rituals and traditional outfits! In this post I’m about to share Tamil Wedding Rituals and outfits part-2. The Tamil wedding has number ceremonies involved to ensure the bride and groom get blessings from each and everyone, and all ceremonies quite interesting too! The following first 2 kind of rituals are followed by Tamil Brahmin families!

Tamil Wedding Customs:

Kashi Yatra
After the pre-wedding ceremony, on the wedding day dawn ( or the bride and groom take the mangala snaanam (holy bath) at their residence and prepare themselves for the wedding ceremony. After mangala snaanam they will be in fasting. When the groom family reach the wedding hall, the kasha Yatra custom takes place. It is a kind of custom goes like, the groom pretends like he going to kashi as if he don’t like to get married, then the bride’s father talk with groom, make him understanding and return him to the wedding pandal.

After the kashi Yatra custom, the bride and groom exchange garlands thrice simultaneously. Next the elders will make them sit in swing which is decorated with jasmine and other flowers. Then the families exchange gifts and sing some custom songs. Following to that they give milk and banana to bride and groom to eat. And this is the food they will eat after hours of fasting from mangala snaanam.  

Kanyadaanam and Muhurtham
Once the Oonjal customs gets over, the bride and groom are directed to the wedding pandal. There the Iyer conducts numbers of ritual for them. Once every other ritual gets over, the Iyer send the mangal sutra in the hands of bride’s sister-in-law around, everyone will touch and bless the mangal sutra. Then a scared yellow thread which is dipped with holy turmeric drops and it has the mangal sutra in center is passed to the groom. Which at the holy moment he ties 2 knots up around the bride’s neck and the 3 rd knot is tied up by groom’s sister.

Saptapadi is a custom followed once the knot is tied up! Groom will hold up the bride’s right leg’s toe finger and slowly insert the Metti (toe ring) in toe finger. Again it’s a kind of custom which is looks interesting at wedding ceremony! :)

Outfits and Jewelry
For mangala snaanam bride wears simple and elegant saree. It doesn’t have to be silk saree. Then for remaining customs she wears a kumkum red silk saree with golden border along with rich designed gold ornaments. The wedding silk saree depends according the bride’s wish and taste. Initially the wedding silk saree price starts from 20k.

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