Thursday, 6 June 2013

Bridal Archives Vol.4: How to Choose a Mehindi Artist for Your Wedding

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In last post of “Bridal Archive” (If you are new to this series head over to the link HERE) feature I shared few ideas over How to choose a Mehindi Design for your wedding and in this post I’m going to share the ideas about how to choose a Mehindi Artist for your wedding.

1. Wedding Planner
If you are your own wedding planner then you may get help from your friends and social circle to forward you to best mehindi artist. If you are hiring a wedding planner you can even ask them to help out! They give wide suggestions and package details for the ceremony. Also they will have contact with top artists. You can enquire about the artists and can choose wisely.

2. Check the Artists:
Once you collected the information and narrow down your options check the availability of the artists. If you fix up any artist then sit down and arrange for a meeting.  In a prior conversation or a meeting you can get to explain the artist about the style and pattern you need for your D-day. He/she may give you few ideas and enhance the styles. If they provide or have any portfolio then take a look at it. Judge the patterns and start planning about color and designs in detail.

3. The Cost:
The cost of the mehindi work may vary according to the type. Like Indian, Arabic or Pakistani. The intricacy of design and how large/length design you need for hands and feet to cover is major input for the cost calculating.   So once you end with particular design, you can start discuss about the rates and details. If your relatives, friends etc is also going to have mehindi means the artist will calculate according to that! This is decided when you finalize the number of guests having mehindi and the amount of mehindi applied. Precisely you should provide give the number and amount of mehindi you needed for the Mehindi Ceremony. You can ask for the package rates for mehindi for your guests.

4. Tips:
  1. The Mehindi application will take maximum 3 to 4 hours, plan accordingly. Don’t elaborate the time you might miss the fun in your own wedding. So be at right time and rock the function!
  2. Mehindi should stay for at least 3 to 4 hours for best results.
  3. Mehindi function comprise of simple outfit and more fun! So dress accordingly. Wear a simple, elegant and comfortable outfit on that day.
  4. Make sure the mehindi is fresh!
  5. If you need your mehindi dark and deep colored then dab some coconut oil, sugar water or lime juice on the mehindi when it’s semi-dry.

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