Saturday, June 8

Bridal Archives Vol.5: 1 Week to go for Cousin’s Wedding, Outfits and Accessories

Hey Everyone!

As I’m getting ready for my cousin’s wedding next week I want to share the photos of wedding outfits and few accessories with you. I went for simple and carry-easy outfits according to the weather. Why I mention weather? The wedding is at Hills! Yeah at Nilgiri so called Ooty (The queen of hills).To be frank I feel couldn’t pick something so well for her wedding. The marriage got fixed for her a month ago! So I rushed up to purchase things etc.

I picked this Designer Embroidery Saree at Chennai! It took just 2 hours for me to select. And I liked this one so far in that 2 hours. It costs around Rs.5500.

The saree base color is black and has beautiful golden design imprints. For the pallu they attached a transparent greyish net-type cloth. The pink embroidery designs are also in the net type cloth. I should say the saree weighs equal to me. Yes! The saree cloth is thick and dark. It will be heavy for sure and I planned this outfit for the reception.

For the D-day I planned to wear this simple and elegant parrot green Anarkali. I know its way simple but after my heavy weight saree I want to light on the wedding.
I picked this black and white stone set with pearl for designer saree. Also the golden anklet is my love! My mother bought it for me! Isn’t that gorgeous.

I need to go to parlour tomorrow and I need to search the mehindi wala soon! Then I need to pick necklace set, bangles etc for my outfits. May be in two days I will cover everything (I don’t think so!)

Here are more pictures!

My anklet :P

I hope you find the post interesting! I have to cover the accessories part and other things. I went on few trial and error methods over my outfits though I’m not sure about the output! Let me update the pictures once the function is over! 

Stay tune!