Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Budget Tuesday: Nivea Glamorous Gloss -Natural Review, LOTD

Hey Everyone!

Today I’m reviewing a beautiful nude lip gloss from Nivea- Glamorous Gloss in shade Natural.

Price: Rs.139 for 8.5ml

On the Lipstick...

  • Transparent ultra shine pigments provide your lips with dazzling brilliance.
  • Exotic fruity scent delights your senses.
  • Provides long lasting care without sticky feeling.
  • Contains SPF 15, protecting against UVA and UV.

My Take on the Product:

The Glamorous Gloss comes in a long tube packaging with a transparent top screw cap. The tube packaging is travel friendly. The application of the lip gloss is not so user friendly. The hole in the tip is wide so the product comes out a lot at the first press itself.  

The texture of the lip gloss is smooth and soft. The gloss has thick consistency which is quite sticky a bit while using. The mild stickiness and the thick consistency of the gloss doesn’t allow for a complete finish. Gloss has mild fruity scent which is quite decent and good. But some may find it annoying because the scent lasts over 2 to 1 hour. Personally I like the fragrance and it is mild to me. The gloss is in semi-neutral color with mild golden shimmers. The shimmers provide twinkling finish to lips. The color suits to all and much pigmented lips may find it harder. Gloss provides a medium to average coverage. The staying power is about 2 to 3 hours which is average, considering the price the staying power is good. It is quite moisturizing to my lips and formula is good for dry/chapped lips. The wear time is slow as I said; when I’m done with the meal the lip gloss is almost gone. So don’t expect the staying power on this one. The following day I wore on the lip stick and it was good. It came out well and after the meal the lip gloss barely stayed.

The shade has beautiful golden shimmers and it is very fine! When you touch or rub lips the gloss is sticks though the gloss is not heavy on lips, yes it is sticky! The color is neutral so no worries about the staining.
The shade matches very well to Indian skin tone and there are 4 to 3 shades in this Glamorous Gloss range. You can see how subtle the shade is! Even I applied few times the gloss is light but with medium coverage only.

GOOD about Nivea Glamorous Gloss -Natural:
  • Moisturizing on the lips
  • Shimmers are subtle and good on lips
  • Medium coverage
  • Non-staining color
  • Good choice for neutral shade lovers
  • Pretty shade for our Indian Skin

NOT-SO-GOOD about Nivea Glamorous Gloss -Natural:
  • The packaging is not user friendly
  • Scent might be strong for sensitive nose
  • Gloss is sticky

Overall Verdict:
Overall the product is good and it gives medium coverage only. The neutral shade is good with subtle gold shimmers which matches all skin tone. The formula is thick and sticky. The staying power is below average and does last long on the lipsticks only.

Rating: 3.15/5



  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I LOVE this lipgloss its one of my favourites. Amazing blog!
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  2. It really looks great! Love Nivea MU range :-)

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  5. Great review my dear, love how detailed and well written it is, you're a star! <33

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