Thursday, 11 July 2013

5 Quick Makeup Fixes

Hey Everyone!

There is always been some craziness in makeup and beauty department! Sometimes I do some makeup fixes sometimes I just go out there and feel embarrassing by looking over my car front mirror or rear! Well it happens right!  Here I give you 5 quick makeup fixes,

Crazy over the Blush Department
If you went little crazy over the blush department don’t panic, using a powder brush make circles and diffuse the shade. Also you can diffuse the shade from forehead hairline to cheek bone. Always blot with tissues. Don’t ever use fingers, it might give a patchy cheek!

Q-tip for Mascara and Eyeliner
Using a Q-tip you can wipe out the smudged eye shadow/eyeliner and mascara. Also using the q-tip smudge the eyeliner and look like a winged eyeliner look! Try to make the smudge part of your makeup.

Melting Away Makeup
If you feel your makeup is just melting away in sun, using a blotting paper just dab on the makeup. Don’t use fingers or hanky! If you don’t find one, try setting mist to your makeup in place.

Too much Perfume
If you feel you used too much perfume on you, just dip a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and wipe out some perfume you sprayed on yourself. It’s very simple!

Using a self-tanner is really tough sometimes, if you feel you did streaky, try to use some exfoliator on the streaky places and wipe it out gently. After wards apply some tinted moisturizer and even all it out!

I hope you find the post useful and interesting! Kindly share your comments below!

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  1. Nice Tips .. That perfume one was so desperately needed by me :D

  2. Love the self tanner tip...

  3. Nice post! I really on Q tips for any mascara or liner mistakes.:)

    1. I use Q-tip for eye shadow smudging.. :)

  4. Good Post. As you have mentioned using fingers for fixes will ruin the makeup.


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