Monday, 22 July 2013

Bridal Archives Vol.8: Upcoming Cousin-Sister Wedding | Shopping with Bride | Wedding Costume Hunt PART-1

Hey Everyone!

Last week I went to my native ‘Coimbatore’ (South-India), the textile city we call, to accompany/help my cousin sister to choose her bridal wears and accessories. It wasn’t that stressful for me but she had a tough time in choosing Costumes for her wedding! Her wedding date was finalized last month and on September 15 she is getting married. We have very less time for everything and she almost freak out for things. Until this date, we have arranged for her makeup in the city! That’s all. 
Yikes! Still lot to do in the wedding/bridal list.

This post carries about the Bridal wears, how and what my cousin sister picked for her wedding?

Last week Wednesday me, my cousin- sister and our mums plus few relatives went to Brook Field Mall in Coimbatore where the RMKV Silks shop runs. I have no idea why she chose that shop, well it’s big one in South yet I’m not impressed with their mighty collection. She planned to take 2 Kanchipuram silks, one for muhurtham (wedding) and another for reception. Okay now we both had set few ground rules before we started the hunt,

Strictly NO pinks
NO to sky blue or anything that near to blue
NO to multi-colored Kanchipuram silks
NO to big floral designs

See in South I found 2 colors that almost 8 out of 10 brides’ wears that is, pink and blue. Yeah it is girly but it is really boring too! So we started to hunt down for silks in red, purple and so on...
Here are the pictures of the Kanchipuram silk collection from the shop, the range from 35k,

Well I really liked few but the bride goes first so I just kept encouraging her :P also convincing her!

Me: “wow this is so good”
Cousin-sis: “No I need more red!”
Me: “well this is red”
Cousin-sis: “this is just red, I need more red!”
Me: “Okay I’m going to just stand there sweety”

My cousin-sister is freakishly fair and medium height. She planned purple for the reception and more red for Muhurtham. (More red, really!)
Now after 2.5 hours approximately, she took and kept Kanchipuram silks in primary number. She started to try the silk saris on with the help of the SA,

There was a line but these are the 2 final ones she chose for the muhurtham (wedding). Both really turned out good for her.  I chose the 2nd red one for her and so do we all convinced her too!!

In next post I will cover up the bridal reception silks and my Kanchipuram silks hunt too! Stay tune!



  1. You know I freak out when I think about by clothes for marriage! So I am taking notes here :)

  2. wow, that was a lot of extremely pretty silk! I kind of wish we could wear something like that here in Europe, I'm getting married this year and thinking about getting a dress already stresses me out!

  3. these posts are really interesting!

  4. The kanjeepuram sarees look so rich and beautiful!

  5. wow for the sarees..v pretty
    nice post :)

  6. i love kanjeevarams..:) and where else do you find it the best than in TN :)

    1. We buy in Kanchipuram itself Sometimes..

  7. Thank you for your lovely comment and support, I am following you too now :)

  8. Most of the sarees are awesome :) good selection.. Even my native is cbe gowthami :) i ve heard PSR silks der has fabulous collections

    1. yeah Venetha :) But the collection and colors were dumb when i visited the shop last july...