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Discover the Little-Known Facts of Big Sleep | Body Clock | Less sleep, a big NO for healthy skin

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What is the worst thing that happened to you all these years? .....Oh me first! I would answer in 5 letter word-SLEEP. Yes, right form my childhood I suffer from sleep deprivation. I would go to bed by 11 or 10 pm but I fall asleep around 1 or 2. This just continued along and I had severe dark circles and skinny face. Later after my graduation I rested at home and just got good sleep of 11 to 10 hours a day. Within 3 months my dark circles reduced by 50% and no more skinny face girl.

Moral, Sleep is the only thing that can make you beautiful from inside and no product can make you beautiful without a proper sleep. Read more to discover the Little-Known Facts of Big Sleep...

Discover the Little-Known Facts of Big Sleep | Body Clock | Less sleep, a big NO for healthy skin

Body Clock:
  1. 8pm-11pm: Time for hydration and stimulation
  2. 11pm-3am: Time for nutrition and regeneration
  3. 3am-5am: Time for resting

  • People who rest at 8pm get proper sleep and the body triggers sleep melanin from 8pm, so by 11pm it hits peak so usually you get tired by that time. So 8 to 8 hours of sleep is must for everyone. Lack of sleep definitely affects your health and the way you look, remember it!
  • When we sleep our growth hormone is triggered well and cells gets regenerate, rebuild and repair themselves. When you have sleep deprivation, your nutrition scale goes down, you get likely stressed, your scalp get dry, and your hair look dull!

Lie on your Back:
  • Remember always lie on your back! Though you get adequate amount of sleep you may wake up with puffy eyes and tired face, this is due to sleeping position. When you sleep face- down, tiny blood vessels underneath the eyes get constricted. This constriction of blood vessels affects blood circulation and thus leads to puffy eyes.
  • So always train yourselves to sleep on your back, if not later in years you may lose collagen and skin elasticity. It might be difficult but remember it’s worth it! Keep good an air-flow in your sleeping room that helps for good sleep.

Night Cream Myths:

Why night creams always provide best results?
  • Because our cellular regeneration is fastest at night and this is the reason behind the successful night creams. Night creams are made up of water-in-oil base and they contain nourishing ingredients. So every morning you enjoy good supple skin after good 8 hours sleep. The skin absorbs the ingredients at night at the peak level. A good night cream should get absorbed easily by skin and no slippery effect after application. So if your cream is thick just avoid it!
  • Like this- night-serums, anti-ageing creams etc work!

Sleep-Wake Rhythm:
  1. It’s important to have various sleep periods like 1. Slow wave sleep 2. Rapid eye move-ment sleep 3. Light, dreamy sleep.
  2. Try to practice to sleep in a rhythm. Set back the alarm for each day, even for the weekends for practicing the timings.
  3. No coffee, tea or hot chocolate before bed. Make sure the bedroom is dark enough.
  4. No exercise before bed, try to keep muscles relaxed.
  5. You can use aroma-oils for good deep sleep.

Oh, that’s me or you or me or us! ;)

I hope you find the post useful and interesting! Kindly share your comments below!

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  1. Very informative post..thanks for sharing gow..
    Some of the things I will keep in my mind now..
    Really good article..

  2. I know the irregular sleeping pattern causes so many problem, but this life style has no solution other than we change a bit :)
    Nice Post Gowmi :D

    1. Yeah right said but we can put things on clock if we think 'we can' :) Thank you Radha :)

  3. Nice post!! I sleep for around 10 hours and have no dark circles.. yayyy!! :)

  4. The last pic is just me, sometimes :P :P Superb post Gowthami :D

  5. so informative. i'll show this to my hubby too. we both have become insomniac lately and then the next day is all dreadful

  6. Informative post. I like Sleep-Wake Rhythm :)


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