Thursday, July 25

D.I.Y: Homemade Highlighter

Hey Everyone!

After a while, today I’m going to do a ‘Do It Yourself’ post! This particular D.I.Y post has been requested by one of my readers and I’m so happy for sharing this simple and elegant ‘Highlighter’ with you all!

So let’s get started,

  • Lotion- I used Neutrogena Oil-free facial moisturizerwith SPF 15 here. This is one my best moisturizer with SPF for daily use.
  • Shimmery eye shadow- I used 3 eye shadows here. The base eye shadow I used here is medium copper. Then dark brown shade and little golden shimmery eye shadow for glittery part. I choose shades according to my skin tone color. So you can use shades according to your skin tone color. For subtle look earthy shades will look awesome!
  • Container- I used glass container here for storing purpose. You can use any small container or unused ones too.
  • Stirrer- for mixing purpose I used the back tip of my smudge brush. You can use spoons or any!

Steps to Follow:

Pump the desired amount of lotion in the container. Little comes long way so don’t add much. 3 to 4 pumps will do.
Now add the shimmery eye shadow one by one. Don’t add golden shade too much. Just add little very little.
Mix all the ingredients well using a stirrer and don’t forget to stir for 2 minutes. Yeah the eye shadow takes time to mix with the lotion. If it doesn’t mix well then the shade will be uneven on you.
Now you’re done, apply your homemade highlighter! :)

I hope you find the post useful and interesting!

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