Friday, 12 July 2013

How to Buy MAKE-UP (Shopping Guide)

Hey Everyone!

Do you think you have to update your makeup kit?  Then here is a perfect shopping guide for you!

‘Shopping’ is the one thing that’s excites me a lot! Each day there are new products in market and new trends emerging, and it is really difficult to choose ‘what to buy’ and ‘what not to’. Here come my tips over how to buy makeup,

1. When you plan to buy cosmetics, make sure about 3 things,

  • Dermatologically tested
  • Non-cosmodegenic – do not cause any breakouts
  • Hypoallergenic- do not cause any allergy
Whatever your skin type may be, be sure the product/products don’t give a reaction on your skin.

2. It’s mandatory that your makeup products should contain some curing and moisturizing ingredients. For an example, Vitamin E and Chamomile extracts helps to moisturize the skin slow down the skin ageing process. Also Onion extracts have hyaluronic acid which helps to moisturize the skin well and helps to fill wrinkles and fine lines.

3. Always take the advice from makeup counter if you are confused over a makeup buy! She/he can give you the best advice over right products, makeup trends etc.

4. Foundation- this is the department where I never went right! Yeah Indian skin tone is warm skin tone, like yellow, orange or mild red base. Never buy a wrong foundation, after while it might turn yellow, gray or even against your skin tone! Choosing a right foundation/bb cream is very tricky so be sure before you buy one! Check the shade along your jaw line and lend it well. If the shade blends well with your skin tone then you can buy it. Also while choosing eye shadow and nail lacquer, ask a beauty advisor whether the hue looks okay. Silvery, gold family shades looks pretty on dusky skin tones.

5. Look out for the shelf life before you do a makeup buy. Powder, compact and blushes have long shelf life, but for cream blushes the shelf life is 24 months.  Eye products like eye liner, mascara can be used for 8 months. So avoid buying products in bulk, do check out for the shelf life and just replace the products when it’s about disappearing from your makeup vanity!

6. Try a foundation or mascara before you buy it! Some BB creams and foundation are difficult to blend, so put yourself at trial and get to know how to blend/use the products right before you buy them! Even you take some makeup trials at malls!

7. Just because coral and peach shades are damn lovely shades, it doesn’t mean it suits you well! Test and go trial with products which suits your skin tone best! Try eye and lip products in your wrist, as if you have the light darker lips and eyes. Also try foundation and concealers in your inner part of hand. I always try face products in my jaw line and it’s the best way to check whether the product blends easily in the skin or not!

8. Try a product which works in 3 in 1 way. For an example, Maybelline’s BB cream can be used as moisturizer, foundation and sunscreen. Also colorbar chubby stick works as a lip liner and lipstick! So in this way you can choose right products, this way helps to  cut out few bucks too in right way ;)

9. Don’t go or avoid makeup shopping when you are feeling tired or suffering from breakouts. Make sure you skin is acting normal and doing well. Because you can’t choose a product when you have breakouts or tan, think about it!

10. Don’t ever shop when you’re dull or not in stabilized mood. Because most times you may step on wrong products! Anything new makes you happy when you are broken!! So do makeup and skincare shopping when you are really free and relaxed!

Well you can ask me, “so, girl you choose right products whenever you do shopping and you do fit in above criteria”,
Certainly not! :) FYI

  • I do picked wrong foundation 4/5 times.
  • I shopped things when I’m low and regret exactly after 7 days 2 hours from my last shopping.
  •  I bought wrong skincare products when my skin was ill, dull and shouting to me” please don’t I’m dying”, seriously! 5/5 times.
  • I never take beauty advisor tips 4/5 times.
  • I do shop after a wonderful beach trip! With super tanned skin.
So I have done this post almost after my super shopping experiences over 5 to 6 years! So now I do follow certain things especially ‘I don’t go makeup/skincare shop when I’m low’ I’m really getting bankrupt those times :P so strictly NO.

I hope you find the post useful and interesting! :) Kindly share your thoughts below!

Do you have any shopping guide?




  1. thats very informative, but i had always gone wrong wen i listen to the counter ladies, esp the filipinos here in the make up counter make sure that we pick on darker shade esp the lipstick.. i donno.. y so i dont trust them, i like to take friend aong with me.. so that we can trust ..:)

  2. thats a good informative post :)

  3. great tips!
    thx for sharing!

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  5. You can add, Take a friend along. Never buy make up alone.

    This is really going to be helpful. I'm the kind of person who doesnt own foundation, concealer, eye shadow, blush.

    My go tos are my cream, loose powder on oily days, eye liner, kajal, lip balm, lipstick(rarely).. Im quite the amateur at make up