Sunday, 21 July 2013

Review: Fab India Vitamin E De-Pigmentation Cream

Hey Everyone!

How is the Monday start everyone? I’m thinking for eye makeup tutorials and hair care product reviews this week, I hope I’ll cover!

Today I’m reviewing one of my latest ‘hit’ product, Fab India Vitamin E De-Pigmentation Cream. This is my first Fab India product and I have to say ‘well, I’m impressed’!

Price: Rs.300 for 100ml

  • An intensive skin lightener and natural de-pigmentation treatment that events out the skin tone.
  •  It controls melanin production to prevent from darkening and removes age spots, freckles and blemishes.
  • Contains no harmful bleaches and is hydroquinone free.


Wash and cleanse face thoroughly. Gently smoothen onto the face or affected area. For best results use twice a day!

My take on the Product:

Fab India Vitamin E De-Pigmentation Cream comes in white jar with classy Fab India designs on it with tub packaging. The plastic tub is not so travel friendly. The tub contains an inner lid to separate the cream from outer lid. Though I feel tub packaging is so not for me and it’s not at all hygienic too. The cream is in pure white in color with very mild fragrance. The texture is waxy, not sticky and soft. Consistency is bit thick and not so easy to blend.

I had few freckles on my nose and marks in my cheeks a month ago. So when I read the claims I ordered this cream with any second thoughts. As the consistency is bit thick it is bit difficult to blend this cream. After a minute the cream gets absorbed by skin fully. The cream is too waxy to blend into the skin. If you use more than a peanut size then it will be very difficult to blend. I used this cream for 2 weeks only, initially in summers my face becomes oily and sweaty due to this cream in day. So I used every night. Then by second week it wasn’t too oily. I could see my freckles in my nose are residing well. By the end of 2 weeks the freckles got vanished and the marks in cheeks were lightened. Also it moisturizes skin well and in winter/monsoon my skin feels tight with this cream. Though it feels waxy, the results are wow!

GOOD about Fab India Vitamin E De-Pigmentation Cream:
  • Claims what it says
  • Affordable
  • Available through online
  • Does reduce the freckles and dark spots
  • Contains no bleaches and hydroquinone
  • Moisturizes the skin  
  • Visible results in 2 weeks (may vary from person to person)

NOT-SO-GOOD about Fab India Vitamin E De-Pigmentation Cream:
  • Gives waxy feel after the usage
  • Feels heavy on skin
  • Blending the cream is bit difficult

Overall Verdict:
I’m happy with the results. I stopped using the cream as my marks got cleared. I’m going to store the tub for future use, if I fight with any freckles or dark spots problem I will definitely use it. And one tub is enough for a year! I don’t suggest using this cream permanently

I hope you find the post useful and interesting!

Rating: 4.55/5

Have you tried Fab India Vitamin E De-Pigmentation Cream?



  1. Glad it worked for badly broke me out a month ago :(

  2. Wow seems worth trying. Would give it a try. Nice review Gowthami :)

    1. Yeah sure worked great for me, Thank you Megha :)

  3. This sounds wonderful! I might try this in winter since I have acne prone skin which breaks out more in winter

  4. Good to know it worked! I will try that soon then.:)

  5. Really helpful review, Gowthami :)

  6. vitamin e by itself is a great thing to reduce pigmentation :)

  7. i think we can neglect the thickness as it gives the result

  8. Sounds promising product. .I dnt have actually mark or spot but get it for my mum as she has some on her cheeks..
    Nice review gow..

  9. Nice review..I am going to give it a try in winters..

  10. I bought this sfter reading fab reviews abt this product. Unfortunately for me, this just didnt reduce any marks on my face even after a month of continuous usage. Plus it broke me out.
    Now I am using it as a body moisturizer and looking for a gud depigmentation product. I am inclined to try Votre but never come across a review abt it so not sure.....
    Gud that this worked for u :)

    1. Oh that's bad really.. Results quite differs.. Thank you Sana for stopping by...:)

  11. I really love the fact that this contains Kojic acid...this is natural and a proven skin lightener...definitely a plus :)