Thursday, 4 July 2013

Review : Thalgo Immediate Bio-Soothing Mask

Hey Everyone!

Today I’m reviewing Thalgo Immediate Bio-Soothing Mask which is best for sensitive/reactive skin type and dry skin type. It helps to soothe the signs of irritation.

Price:  Rs.1660 for 50ml

The Special sensitive Skin Safety Charter
  • Ingredients carefully selected for their perfect skin tolerance.
  • Ultra-gentle, natural emulsifying agents.
  • No colorants.
  • Fragrance does not contain any allergic ingredients.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Proven effectiveness on sensitive skin.

What the Company Says:

For over 40 years, Thalgo has been a true innovator in the world of marine beauty. Our laboratories explore the depths of the sea throughout the world always with dedication and passion. Strengthened by this expertise and knowledge, we draw beauty treasures from marine extracts to offer you authentic and effective cosmetology. Every day and every year, new discoveries enable our research & development team to formulate ever-more effective products to protect the beauty and youthfulness of your face.


This ingredient is derived from the discovery of micro-organisms living at a depth of over 3,000 meters. It significantly raises the skin’s tolerance threshold, making it less sensitive to harsh external elements.

My Take on Thalgo Immediate Bio-Soothing Mask:

Thalgo Immediate Bio-Soothing Mask comes in white colored tube packaging with blue colored flip top cap. The tube packaging is user friendly and hygienic too. The texture of the mask is very smooth and it has creamy with gel type consistency. The mask is in milk white color. Well it is creamy on the first half and while it is spread on the skin it acts as a gel and gets absorbed into the skin. I must say the formula is interesting and new to use! It has very light fragrance and doesn’t linger around for long time.

I have sensitive skin and I’m using Thalgo sensitive skin care range for while now! The bio-soothing mask is very light and I’m using it alternate days of the week. The mask spreads easily like in seconds and within a minute or two it gets absorbed into the skin fully and doesn’t get dry that easily. Yeah! It stays quite long on the skin for about 10 to 15 minutes. Once the pack is washed, the skin is injected with my favorite word ‘hydration’. The mask deeply hydrates the skin, helps to react with my skin and makes it supple. What else you need in summer? I’m satisfied with the pack for the heavy summer. It does provide cleansing and toning effect to my skin. On the regular usage I couldn’t spot any dry patches in my skin.

On the other side the mask doesn’t provide any natural glow. I miss that effect with this product! Anyway it’s not a con when compared to the overall results. I didn’t experience with any break out or reaction on my skin. It is completely safe for the sensitive or reactive skin.
For oily to combinational skin type, its suit well but it feels bit oily after the usage, might be! It helps to uplift the dull skin. If you have dry or cracked skin you can definitely try this product. It helps to moisturize skin better in few minutes.

GOOD about Thalgo Immediate Bio-Soothing Mask:
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Soothes the skin and provide hydrated skin
  • Best for dry, sensitive or reactive skin types
  • Sturdy packaging
  • Looks like cream and works like a gel on the skin
  • Doesn’t leave any traces like usual masks
  • Cleanse and tone the skin
  • Moisturize the skin better

NOT-SO-GOOD about Thalgo Immediate Bio-Soothing Mask:
  • No natural glow after the use
  • Availability might be an issue

Overall Verdict:
The formula is great and eases the use! The price is quite high but the results are promising. If you have dull, lifeless dry skin the product it a try!

Rating: 4.10/5

Disclaimer: I have provided with product samples for the review purpose.

Have you tried the bio-soothing mask from Thalgo?



  1. nice review..mine is normal skin..will definitely try and love the clicks n swatches..

    1. Yeah sure :) it hydrates skin well...

  2. Seems like a great product Gowthami! Nice Review.... :)

  3. loved the pics... I have combi-oily skin , so will skip it

    1. thank you .. Yeah it gives bit oily-like feel.. :)

  4. Seems a good product Nice Review Gowmi :)

  5. sounds good for dry skin..