Saturday, 6 July 2013

Review : Thalgo Silicium Eye Cream- Wrinkle Correction and Lifting Effect

Hey Everyone!

Today I’m reviewing Thalgo Silicium Eye Cream for Wrinkle Correction and Lifting Effect.

Price: Rs.2250 for 15ml

  • Thalgo Silicium eye cream is rich in hyaluronic acid and marine Silicium lifts the eye area, effectively fills fine lines and wrinkles and corrects signs of fatigue (puffiness and dark circles) resulting in younger looking eyes.
  • The fresh melt-on-the-skin texture of Thalgo Silicium eye cream leaves a soft and velvety feel to the skin with no oily film.
  • Infused with delicate aromatic rose tea.


Apply Thalgo Silicium eye cream every morning and evening to perfectly cleansed skin , using light tapping or smoothing movements , from inner corner of the eyes to outer corner, and then from the temple to the brow bone.

My Take on Thalgo Silicium Eye Cream:

Thalgo Silicium Eye Cream comes in purple colored glass jar packaging with a silver colored screw lid. The eye cream is in pure white color. The texture is so soft and smooth, and the consistency is somewhere between the gel and cream. It mirrors like eye cream but when applied on the eye area it melts like gel and get absorbs easily. As it claims it has very mild rose tea fragrance which doesn’t sting the eyes at all.
I have mild dark circles from college days and I’m using my homemade oil for dark circles. I am trying the Silicium eye cream along with my mum for past week. I should it does provide noticeable results on my mum eyes. The eye cream or you can call it gel, so smooth and gently spreads over the eye area. Get absorbs easily and doesn’t leave any oily film effect on eyes. It provides ultimate cooling effect to eyes for first 15 minutes. Then get absorbed fully into the eye area.

On the first few days it helps to reduce the fine lines around the eyes. Then it fills the wrinkles and finally it reduces the puffiness around the eyes.  For my mum the Silicium cream filled the fine lines and wrinkles effectively on the first week. For me it reduced my puffiness and provided me the super cooling effect! You need only a bit of the eye cream for both eyes and one tub may last for more than 3 to 4 months. I didn’t see any lifting effect in my mum’s eyes.

 On the contrary, the cream doesn’t fully reduce my mild dark circles or my mum’s. It took weeks for the dark circle part. Anyway I like the cooling effect. It helps to reduce the dark circles on the long time usage only! The price is way high so it is a question whether I will repurchase the product or not!

GOOD about Thalgo Silicium Eye Cream:
  • Provides cooling effect to eyes
  • Doesn’t sting the eyes
  • Excellent mild rose tea fragrance
  • Helps to fill fine lines and wrinkles in first week onwards
  • Doesn’t create any oily film on eyes
  • Gel consistency feels good on eyes
  • Absorbs quick
  • NOT-SO-GOOD about Thalgo Silicium Eye Cream:
  • Price is way high
  • Doesn’t reduce dark circles effectively
  • Availability might be an issue

Overall Verdict:
Thalgo Silicium Eye Cream is excellent if you are looking for a wrinkle and fine lines filling product with ultimate cooling effect. It also helps to reduce the puffiness and about the dark circles it might differ from person to person. I have mild dark circle and I don’t find any difference with the given results!

Rating: 3.15/5

Disclaimer: I have provided with product samples for the review purpose.