Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Top 7 Skin Sins You Commit Everyday

Hey Everyone!

How often you sleep on your makeup during the nights? Or you buy beauty products without managing to look for the expiry date? Or how often you take long hot showers?

A vibrant and radiant skin is sign of good health, here are Top 7 sins that you commit everyday to your skin!

Hot Showers
Everyone loves taking long hot showers but do you know it does affect your facial skin? Yes! Our facial skin is so delicate and when you take long hot showers the capillaries get weakened, your skin leading to redness and dryness. So next time when you feel like taking hot showers, take care of your facial skin.

Unclean Makeup Brushes
It’s important to wash your makeup brushes with gentle shampoo every week! If not you may end up with Acne condition skin due to bacterial infections!

Sleep Deprivation
If you not getting enough sleep then, sleep deprivation will leads to stress thus results in skin conditions like Acne, psoriasis etc. 8 hours sleep is mandatory  and when you sleeping your skin repairs the cell damage that done during the day and the skin degenerates itself. So get enough sleep for radiant glowing each day!

Picking Pimples
Don’t go picking pimples! Yes it might to tempting but by breaking the zits you push them deeper into the skin hence the bacteria spreads all over results in worst case acne. So wash your face twice daily with mild face wash/cleanser daily.

Phone Chatter
It might sounds like a beauty myth to you but your phone can cause harm to your skin. When you rest your phone on cheek and go talking for hours, due to heat and friction pimples breakouts are generated.

Smoking is the worst sin, smoking reduces the blood-flow in the skin and also it makes your blood and body prone to toxin exposure! Smoking habit further results in wrinkles and dull skin.

Drinking is extremely dangerous to health, woman’s risk of breast cancer rises by 6% each time when she take alcoholic drink! Too much drinking not only results in dull skin but it dehydrates the skin, removes all natural oils from skin, leaves it extremely dry and coarse. Also constant drinking even makes the small blood vessels called capillaries dilate to burst and the results becomes permanent.

I hope you find the post useful and interesting! Take good care of your skin and kindly share your thoughts below!

Have you done any skin sins?

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  1. so true...Nice post Gowthami :)

  2. very nice post..I love taking hot showers but now will take care..
    Thanks for sharing dear :)

  3. Great post Gowmi.:) I pick my pimples and that's the worst habit that leaves scars. I better avoid it!

    1. Really!! You gotto cut it out :P Thank you Niesh :)

  4. nice post. little things we can avoid to make a difference

  5. Very helpful and intresting post.. :)
    Keep in touch,

  6. useful tips and simply true !!!!!!!!!

  7. Great tips Gowthami! I'm guilty for dirty makeup brushes and lack of sleep, oops! I'm glad I don't do any of the other sins though :)

    1. Ohh! Thank you for stopping by Karen :)

  8. Ooh there are some which I have never came across like the one with the alcoholic drink. Anyway thanks for following me dear, also following you back now! Let's keep in touch xx

    many kisses
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