Thursday, July 25

Tutorial: The Best Way to Apply Mascara!

Hey Everyone!

Mascara is an essential makeup do for luscious lashes and we all have our own way to mascara our lashes. Yet here are simple techniques to mascara your lashes in better way! I’m sure you going to enjoy these :) techniques.

So let’s start,

  • Mascara- You can use any of your favourite mascara. I used dazzler mascara here which has big wand. My lashes are quite thick and adamant so I like coating it with thick in big wand.
  • Eye lash Curler- this is optional. I didn’t use eye lash curler here. But if you wish you can use it! If I use I would choose Colorbar eye lash curler.
  • Q-tip
 Steps to Follow:

  1. Moisturize your eyes well before you start prep them.
  2. Prep your eyes with good concealer. I used bit extra concealer here. Because it was a tired day and I used Coloressence Panstick in PinkishBeige.
  3. I applied light gold eye shadow for the tutorial purpose (optional). Curl your lashes well, again optional.
  4. Now hold the mascara wand horizontally and wiggle it by pulling all your upper lashes outside away from nose. Do it two to three times.
  5. Again wiggle the wand and mascara your upper lashes towards the nose. Do this for two to three times. Now this will help to coat the lashes well on all directions.
  6. Hold the wand vertically and coat each individual lash with help of the wand tip. This works great trust me.
  7. Now coat the lower lashes and make lashes boldest like I did in the tutorial. You can also use the wand tip to coat them boldest ever!

Now you’re good to go!

I hope you find the post useful and interesting!

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