Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Why Should You Brush Your Hair Every Night!

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About brushing the hair, there are always different opinions and thoughts. As we all know over brushing can definitely lead to breakage and hair fall. Also don’t brush hair when it is wet.  For some reasons it leads to hair loss too.

Do you brush your hair every night? Brushing your hair every night has some benefits which you might not discovered yet!

Increase the Circulation
Brushing your hair gently for 3 to 2 minutes with soft bristles comb increases the blood flow circulation in the scalp. Increase in blood circulation means healthy scalp and healthy hair.

Natural oils
Gently brushing provokes the natural oils present in the scalp. Scalp produces natural oils from within like our skin. Brushing transfers oils form root to tip and also distributes to every strand. This method helps to moisturize the hair and scalp naturally.

Hair loss/breakage happens due to tangling. Slowly de-tangle the hair every night with wide-tooth comb. Brush the hair for 2 to 1 minute with wide tooth comb and do a lose braid and pony tail. This definitely helps to reduce the hair breakage. I do a lose braid always with my hair every night!

By distributing the natural oils from root to tip, you are also smoothing out your hair’s cuticle. This helps to maintain soft, smooth and shiny hair.

Removes Dirt
Your hair gets abuse each day by heavy pollution and products, this dirt and pollution will make hair rough and dull. So by brushing your hair with soft bristles comb you’re working to get your hair out from dirt that settling in your scalp every day!

I hope you find the post useful and interesting! Kindly share your comments below :)

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  1. Very informative post gow..
    I dnt brush my hair every nite but will start nw..thsnks for sharing ;)

  2. Superb post.. I brush my hair every night too

  3. Loved this post! :) I always forget to brush my hair every night but now I think I will make it a point to!

    1. I'm glad you find the post useful Victoria and Thank you :)

  4. Another great tips .. I do follow most of them :) Keep them going Gow <3

  5. i brush and braid my hair every night :D

    1. Me either and it's de best way to avoid tangles.. :)


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