Thursday, 1 August 2013

8 Quick Hair-Care Tips for You!

Hey Everyone!

Oil your hair to the minimum, so that your scalp can absorb the entire amount of oil. If you over oil your hair, then your hair/scalp will be sticky a lot also may results in oily face.

Apply oil on the cleaner scalp helps for good absorption. Apply oil the same day you took hair wash or on the following day.

Always remember to oil entire length. It helps to nourish from root to tip and it avoids dryness.

Always comb hair and detangle it before you oil. After oiling, comb hair well from root to tip. This helps to prevent hair breakage and spreads oil easily.

Normal and backward combing helps to prevent hair-loss. Before the hair wash comb your hail well.

Castor/coconut/olive oil is good for hair massage. Always use hot oil for hair massaging. It improves blood circulation, gives relaxation and for better absorption.

As we all know, wet hair is highly prone to breakage.

Helps to reduce the breakage.

 I hope you find the post useful and interesting! Kindly share your thoughts below!

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What's your quick hair-care tip?



  1. Awesome tips Gow :) .. I do follow few of them and those other which I don't - are noted down ;)

  2. Nice post.. these tip frequently remind of the things i should start doing.. :) :)

  3. I thought over oiling is good :P Thanks for the info :) nice tips! :)


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