Tuesday, August 6

Beauty Tag: My Five Favorite Lip Products

Hey Everyone!

Today I’m sharing my top five favorite lip products with you all!
Recently I got tagged by my fellow blogger Radha for this beauty tag! So here is my Five Favorite Lip Products. Take a look and let me know your thoughts in the comments :)

From left,

This is quite a neutral shade lip gloss with light shimmers and it’s perfect for daily wear. It suits well for my slightly pigmented lips!

Faces Go Chic Lip Color in Fig
Perfect for medium to light pigmented lips and quite pretty shade!  Also this suits perfectly fine with any skin tone.

Adorable my first color changing lip balm! It gives you mild peach tint on lips and peaches are a very pretty shade to wear!

This shade has copper under tones and best for fair to medium skin tone. I rarely use this shade but I still like this shade a lot.

Too light tinted sober orangey colored lip balm! It gives good glossy finish and entire range is my all-time-fav.

I hope you find the post entertaining and interesting! :)

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