Sunday, 4 August 2013

Giveaway! It's time to celebrate Friendship Day with The Nature's Co.!

Happy Friendship Day Everyone! :)

How is the weekend coming along! I feel excited and enthused :) In this special day here is an exciting Giveaway on the blog sponsored by The Nature’s Co.!

What to be won?

The Nature's Co. Mini Travel Kit, which includes the goodness of:

Watercress Hair Cleanser (35ml)
Watercress Hair Conditioner (35ml)
Sea Fennel Body Wash (35ml)
Nori Body Lotion (35ml)

The terms and conditions which are mandatory to be eligible for the contest:

  1. Follow Beauty Frontline via GFC (Google Friend Connect) and Subscribe via Email
  2. Hit ‘Like’ Beauty Frontline Facebook page HERE and The Nature’s Co Facebook page HERE. Share this post publicly by tagging 5 friends.
  3. Retweet on twitter https://twitter.com/Thenaturesco
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For Extra Points-Optional:
Follow Beauty Frontline on Twitter HERE
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Valid only in India and one winner will be picked randomly! The closing date is 25/8/2013.The top 5 rules are mandatory here! 

Comment with following details;
  • Name:
  • Email-id:
  • GFC Name:
  • Facebook Name and Post Link:
  • Twitter Name and Post Link:
  • Pinterest Name:
  • Instagram Name:
I hope you find this giveaway exciting, useful and interesting!! :)
Happy Friendship Day once again and best of luck for the Giveaway!! :) Do drop me a mail/comment if you have any queries.





  1. Name: Bidisha Banerjee

    Email-id: bidishabanerjee@live.com

    GFC Name: Bidisha

    Facebook Name: Bidisha Banerjee

    Facebook Post Link: https://www.facebook.com/Bidisha.Banerjee16/posts/568538816541664

    Twitter Name: @bidisha16

    Twitter Post Link: https://twitter.com/bidisha16/status/364068607124185088

    Pinterest Name: Bidisha Banerjee

    Instagram Name: Bidisha Banerjee

    Thanks for the lovely Giveaway.

  2. Name:-Divya Kapoor
    GFC name:- Divya Kapoor
    Facebook name:-
    Divya kapoor

    Twitter name:-@divyakapoor0887


    Pininterest name:- Divya Kapoor
    Instagram name :-Divya Kapoor

    Followed Beautyfrontline on twitter n pininterest :-)
    Thanks for such wonderful giveaway hope to win dis time:-)

  3. Name: Rehana Khambaty

    E-mail : rehanak55@rediffmail.com

    GFC Name : Rehana

    Facebook Name: Rehana Khambaty

    Twitter name: @rehanak55

    Pinteretst Name : Rehana Khambaty

    Instagram Name: Rehana Khambaty

    Thanks for the lovely Giveaway ! Hope to win and be lucky 1

  4. Name:Thereze Jane Feranndez

    E-mail : therezejane24@gmail.com

    GFC Name : Thereze

    Facebook Name: Thereze Jane Fernandez

    Twitter name: @therezejane

    Pinteretst Name : Thereze JAne Fernandez

    Instagram Name: @therezejane

    Thanks for the lovely Giveaway ! Hope to win and be lucky 1

  5. Name: Nidhi
    Email-id: nids.gautam@gmail.com
    GFC Name: Nids Gautam

    Facebook Name and Post Link: Nids Gautam

    Twitter Name and Post Link: @nidsgautam https://twitter.com/BeautyFrontline/status/364391296632238081

    Pinterest Name: Nids Gautam
    Instagram Name: nidsg

    Followed u on PinInterest n Twitter. :)


  6. Name:Au W
    Email-id: mail.anu.walia@gmail.com
    GFC Name: Anu W (240th GFC)
    Facebook Name and Post : Fb name Walia Angel
    Link: https://www.facebook.com/mail.anu.walia/posts/405816179539070
    Twitter Name and Post Link: @angelwalia2, Retweeted https://twitter.com/BeautyFrontline/status/364391296632238081
    Pinterest Name: Angel Walia
    Instagram Name: NA

  7. Name: surbhi agarwal
    Email-id: surabhi.careers@gmail.com
    GFC Name:surbhi agarwal

    Facebook Name and Post Link: surbhi agarwal SHARED MANY TIMES

    Twitter Name and Post Link: surbhi agarwal @agarsurabhi

    Pinterest Name: surbhi agarwal

    Instagram Name: surbhi agarwal

  8. well am done with 2 steps but i do find it a lil unfair that you have made the tweet nd insta mandate. I dont use them but i really wnated to participate and win.

    1. I'm sorry about that,those rules are by the sponsor!

  9. Awesome blog here.. I loved your pinterest boards.. I was a regular on pinterest but i think i should start following your blog too :)

    Name: Amruta Deore


    GFC Name: Amruta Deore

    Facebook Name and Post Link:

    Twitter Name and Post Link:

    Pinterest Name:
    Amruta Deore

    Instagram Name:amruta_deore

    Followed you on pinterest and twitter ..


  10. Name:Bhavani Sekar


    GFC Name:Bhavani Sekar

    Facebook Name: Bhavani Sekar

    Shared link:https://www.facebook.com/Bhavani.Seka/posts/182036791976860

    Twitter Name :@Poojadalu

    Tweeted link:https://twitter.com/PoojaDalu/status/368271540871127041

    Pinterest Name: Bhavani Sekra

    Instagram Name: Didn't have :(


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