Monday, August 26

Review : Lotus Herbals Professional PHYTO Rx Nourishing Crème Face Wash

Hey Everyone!

Today I’m reviewing my recent favorite facewash/cleanser, Lotus Herbals Professional PHYTO Rx Nourishing Crème Face Wash for Normal to Dry skin.

Price: Rs.195 for 80g

  • Preservative free
  • Free from artificial fragrance and color
  • Potent organic formulation
  • Normal to dry skin
  • Cleanses the skin without stripping it of its essential nutrients
  • Avocado, Hydrolysed Soy Protein and Aloe Vera provide a unique potent formula for good, healthy and nourished skin.

Active Ingredients & Results:


My Take on Lotus Herbals Professional PHYTO Rx Nourishing Crème Face Wash:

Recently I went to a salon at Pondicherry! It’s my fav salon. After the face-clean up session when I walked near counter to pay, I saw little green tubes and bottles near the counter. I enquired about it and she (salon owner) told me this is new range and working great on skin. I had a quick glance over the backside of the tube and bought one!

I’m so impressed with the results which I didn’t expect at all!

The product comes in olive green tube with silver top flip cap. The font and description is really catchy and impressive! Face wash has mild herbal fragrance and is in transparent color. It has very semi-crème texture and very runny consistency.

I have combinational skin (turns into dry one by monsoon/winter) and still the face wash working wonders on my skin. Face wash lathers very well and just one drop is enough for entire face. It cleanses skin deeply and removes mild makeup, oil, grim and other impurities. I get often occasional breakouts/bumps due to heat, face wash just makes my skin soft, supple, clean and clear from small break-outs. Controls oiliness for more than 4hrs and doesn’t dry the skin at all. What you need more!

Face wash doesn’t provide any intense refreshed skin like pond’s face wash! It gives clean decent skin. The product is only available through the salons or spa, that’s the one problem with the availability. Also the cap comes easily off sometimes, I find that annoying.

GOOD about Lotus Herbals Professional PHYTO Rx Nourishing Crème Face Wash:
  • Cleanses skin deeply
  • Removes mild makeup, oil, grim and other impurities
  • Makes skin soft, supple, clean and clear
  • Doesn’t break out my skin (may vary from person to person)
  • Doesn’t dry skin at all
  • The product claims what it says, exactly!

NOT-SO-GOOD about Lotus Herbals Professional PHYTORx Nourishing Crème Face Wash:
  • Available through salons and spa only
  • Cap comes off sometimes

Overall Verdict:
This is a best face wash I ever used! I’m not sure for the combinational skin. It works fine with me, might vary. If you have dry tonormal skin, don’t wait! Just try the product for this winter and you going to love your skin more each day! I’m going to try the toner and moisturizing crème on my next visit to the salon.

Rating: 4.45/5