Friday, August 9

Review | Swatches : Coastal Scents 88 Original Colors Eye Shadow Palette

Hey Everyone!

Today I’m reviewing ‘coastal scents 88 original colors eye shadow palette’ and I must I’m heads over heels in love with this pretty palette! You can read my first impression review over this palette Here

Price: Around 35$ to 40$, it depends upon your shipping option.
You can purchase from HERE


The packaging is absolutely great with an in-build mirror and it has two sponge applicators. The sponge applicators have *sponge* on it for name-sake and absolutely useless. I couldn’t even swatch the color using the applicators!! The palette has no artificial fragrance or any chemical fragrance. The colors are simply pretty!

GOOD about Coastal Scents 88 Original Colors Eye Shadow Palette:
  • The palette has gorgeous 88 colors to try!
  • Not all the colors have same kind of pigmentation; palette has mixed colors of decently pigmented, less pigmented and extremely well pigmented colors.
  • It has both satin and matte type of eye shadows.
  • The packaging is simple and travel friendly. So you can carry it around, it isn’t heavy at all!
  • The colors spread easily and don’t crease at all! I have tried some colors and the colors stay pretty good for 5 to 6 hours.
  • Not all colors are chalky! Particular 2 silvery eye shadows are extremely pigmented and chalky.
  • 88 colors are quite enough to try various eye makeup combinations.
  • Colors get easily rinse-off with the use of face wash or a mild cleanser.
  • I haven’t experienced with any allergic reactions with the palette.
  • I got a free Sunrise Cruise eye shadow quad to try!

NOT-SO-GOOD about Coastal Scents 88 Original Colors Eye Shadow Palette:
  • Some eye shadows have very poor pigmentation and chalky

Overall Verdict:
Are you a person in love trying different eye makeup combinations? Then definitely it’s for you! This palette and colors are value for money. I highly recommend! :)

Rating: 4.75/5