Friday, 30 August 2013

Review : Thalgo Bio-Repair Serum | Sensitive Or Reactive Skin

Hey Everyone!

Today I’m reviewing Thalgo Bio-Repair Serum for sensitive or reactive skin. Serum specially formulated for sensitive skin which raises the tolerance threshold of extra-sensitive skin.

Price: Rs.3180 for 30ml

  • For sensitive or reactive skin
  • Hyposensine- The ingredient is derived from the discovery of micro-organisms living at a depth of over 3,000 metres. It significantly raises the skin’s tolerance threshold, making it less sensitive to harsh external elements.
  • The Special “Sensitive Skin” Safety Charter:
  • Ultra-gentle, natural emulsifying agents
  • No colorants
  • Fragrance does not contain any allergenic ingredients
  • Ingredients carefully selected for their perfect skin tolerance
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Proven effectiveness on sensitive skin


My Take on Thalgo Bio-Repair Serum:

Thalgo Bio-Repair Serum is in semi-gel type texture and has bit-runny consistency. It has absolutely no colorants and has mild fragrance. The serum is light and gets easily absorbed into skin quickly less than a minute! Initially the serum is non-sticky and not so greasy on my skin. But after 10 minutes of post application I find my face is bit sticky, greasy and little-bit stretchy, whoops! Serum forms a thin film coat over my skin, making it appears bit oily.

But still the serum works fine on my skin excluding the appearance of serum on my face!! I hope you get the picture!

It makes my skin soft, supple and doesn’t break me out at all. If you take a closer look at the above ingredients list picture, you find the serum contains Witch Hazel leaf extract which is pretty good for sensitive skin and it helps to treat acne! I’m using the serum for past 25 days and it does increase my skin’s threshold and it makes my skin less sensitive to external elements.

GOOD about Thalgo Bio-Repair Serum:
  • Makes skin soft and supple
  • Doesn’t break out at all
  • Good choice for sensitive or reactive skin
  • Doesn’t make skin dry
  • Suitable for dry/normal skin

NOT-SO-GOOD about Thalgo Bio-Repair Serum:
  • Post application skin becomes mild greasy and sticky a bit
  • Skin turns oily-like after 20 minutes
  • Coats skin with thin film
  • Expensive

Overall Verdict:
If you are looking for a serum that’s lifts up your sensitive skin and turns less sensitive to external abrasive elements then, you can definitely try Thalgo Bio-Repair Serum. Though it makes skin sticky or greasy a bit, the after results are good.

Rating: 3.25/5





  1. This doesnt seem to be a good product and its pricey too :(

  2. Sounds interesting, but expensive. Nice review :)

  3. nice detailed review!good pics too:)

  4. Nice detailed review! good pics too!

  5. it looked interesting but greasyy.. and at this prcie.. no wayy!!
    lovely pictures though!! :)

  6. Seems not a good product to try Nice Review Gowmi :)

  7. I Don't Feel It's Worth The Price..
    Besides I Have Super Oily Skin, I Should Stay Away From This! :-s

  8. It's pricey and isn't that promising too! isn't it?
    Nice review dear.:)

  9. It is pricey and doesn't look promising too! never the less great review dear! :)

  10. Sounds good but very expensive!

  11. skin turning oily is kind of weird but seems like a great one overall

  12. Nice review Gowthami.
    But skin turning oily is a no for me!! Product seems good but for suitable skin type :)

  13. Nyc review Gowmy :) .. but damn priceyyyy...

  14. i never tried thalgo product i feel it is too pricey according to quantity !!!!!!!!
    honest review dear