Sunday, 4 August 2013

Review:Thalgo Freshness Exfoliator | Normal to Combinational Skin

Hey Everyone!

Today I’m reviewing Thalgo Freshness Exfoliator for Normal to Combinational Skin. Thalgo products are very mild and gentle on the skin, this one is another favorite from Thalgo :)

Price: Rs.1770 for 50ml

  • Normal to combinational skin
Active Ingredients:
  • Contain grapefruit extract, red algae, menthol and polyethylene micro beads.

My Take on the Thalgo Freshness Exfoliator:

The product comes in white tube packaging with sea blue screw cap. Thalgo freshness exfoliator has really refreshing menthol fragrance. Personally I love the fragrance! Product has very smooth light-creamy texture and very-light consistency. The polyethylene micro beads aren’t harsh at all! In fact I’m amazed at the first use itself! The polyethylene micro beads are very fine and very mild on the facial skin. Exfoliator gently exfoliates skin and you can feel the ultimate exfoliation effect on the skin. The beads scrub slowly/mild but it’s 100% effective!

The formula is great to use, after the exfoliation skin doesn’t turns to neither oily nor dry. The exfoliator has grapefruit extract which injects moisture to skin and avoid the dryness due to the exfoliation. Skin is fresh, smooth, clear and well moisturized! I haven’t used any facial skin exfoliator that also moisturizes skin well so I love the Thalgo exfoliator! I have sensitive skin and I didn’t experience any break outs (might vary from person to person). I feel this is a great exfoliator for all skin types since it doesn’t make skin oily or dry. The freshness effect remains stable for a day.

On the other side the product price is too high and I’m sure everyone can’t invest this much amount on a beauty product! But Thalgo provide best results and one tube comes around 2 to 2.5 months! So if you wish, without any second thoughts you can try the product for sure.

GOOD about Thalgo Freshness Exfoliator:
  • Great light-creamy texture
  • Gives ultimate exfoliation effect on the skin
  • Free from parabens, silicone, mineral oils and artificial colourings
  • Exfoliates skin deeply and remove dead skin cells
  • Provide fresh, clean and moisturized skin after the exfoliation
  • Suits well to combination/normal skin type
  • I didn’t experience from any breakouts
  • Doesn’t make skin oily/dry after the exfoliation

NOT-SO-GOOD about Thalgo Freshness Exfoliator:
  • Expensive

Overall Verdict:

Thalgo Freshness Exfoliator is great to use and provides all the goodness to skin. I highly recommend this exfoliator! Provides ultimate exfoliation experience!

Rating: 4.50/5



  1. I have heard all good about this brand.. Your reviews tempt me to try this.. for sure price is on higher side however if results are good its worth investing.

    1. Yeah Shikha, this product is worth trying and i'm sure you will love it!!

  2. I used this exfoliator and I completely agree with you. I just loved it. Nice review Gowthami :)

  3. sounds great.. n u reviewed it so very welll ;)

  4. Great review dear n beautiful clicks :):)

  5. sounds promising :) are they available online? btw loved your blog and Im your new follower <3

    1. Thank you Rekha :) Yeah its available online!! :)

  6. Looks great! Great review dear.<3

  7. Looks like an Awesome Product :D But slightly expensive too...I like my Lakme Cleanup Face Scrub :D

    1. Yeah Slightly ;)Btw lakme cleanup face scrub red one is quite harsh on my sensitive skin ...